California Data Recovery Services Company Blogs About Data Loss Prevention For Businesses

August 23, 2019
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Irvine, California based Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA), a data recovery company, recently published a new blog entry in which they discuss the importance of data loss prevention for businesses, as well as their own data recovery services. Through their most recent posts, they have shown that they deeply care for the community, and this latest article is only one example of the effort the company goes to in helping their customers avoid dire situations where they could lose the critical data that keeps their business running.

HDRA affirms that many small and mid-sized businesses overlook the importance of having their data backed-up and protected against any kind of disaster, as they underestimate just how integral their data is to keep their company afloat. It is not until catastrophe strikes that they come to realize just how dependent they are on their data, and they come to regret not having any kind of backup plan.

Jack Edwards, a representative of the Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, "Most small businesses are not well prepared for disaster scenarios where their data is compromised. While they may be fine for now and could get by just fine without any kind of disaster plan, this makes it very difficult to sustain the business in the long run, especially when they, unfortunately, end up facing an emergency, whether it is due to hardware failure or the intromission of outside forces."

It is not uncommon for small businesses to find themselves closing their doors whenever a catastrophe as the one described by the company strikes, though this only makes it harder for them to come back from such a difficult situation. It is due to this potential predicament that the company urges their clients to have a backup of their most important data. They say that preventing data loss is a far more achievable objective than trying to retrieve it.

The company explains that, for most emergencies and unforeseen setbacks, a regular backup of the company's most crucial data will be more than sufficient to keep them afloat while they rebuild their data. This sounds more complicated than it is, notes the company, but devising and implementing a well-thought-out IT strategy will protect businesses against catastrophes that could have otherwise led them to closure.

"You can’t expect data protection from the various hardware devices you’ve invested in," warns Edwards, adding that hardware devices, such as computers and external drives, fail as well. Relying on such devices is not advisable, as they cannot protect a businesses' data forever. He continues, "There are many, more efficient ways to safely store and backup your data, and to find one that fits the needs of a given company is a task that requires an experienced IT team. A qualified specialist will be able to identify the best combination of software and hardware that provides the highest value possible to a company, while protecting them from any unforeseen situation that could put the company's day to day function at risk."

However, HDRA also days that, if a company has not taken the necessary measures to protect themselves from the loss of important data, their only option to keep their business afloat may be to find a disaster recovery specialist. This is a service that the company offers and excels in. They are well known for their commitment towards retrieving their customers’ information promptly, at an affordable price.

The company specializes in recovering sensitive data from failing hard drives and has dealt with many data loss cases over the years. They are familiar with the various techniques that can be used to pull data out of failing of broken hard drives. HDRA notably offers free evaluations for their customers, where the extent of the hard drive's damage will be assessed, allowing them to determine whether or not a complete recovery would be possible. "If there is anyone that can recover your data to keep your business running in California, it is us. Don't look any further, just come to us," states Edwards. To read further on the services offered in this field, visit the following link: Data Recovery Services Near Me.

Those who wish to learn more about the company or engage their data recovery services may contact Jack Edwards of Hard Drive Recovery Associates. The company can also be reached through their website and social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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