TNL Creates Educational Page On Cash Advances In California

August 26, 2019
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The Net Lender, a financial aid provider based in California, recently published a new blog entry in which they explain how cash advances work in the state of California to their prospective clients. The blog post also covers what clients should be on the lookout for when choosing a company as a financial aid provider.

Having witnessed countless Californians struggling to discern common misconceptions from the reality of the cash advance process, the company has decided to address the issue publicly. They now make it a point to share their extensive experience in the field and offer advice to the community. Learn more here:

The article answers nine of the most common questions that California residents have when they consider requesting a cash advance. It advises them on various aspects of the industry they should avoid, as well as what they should seek out when weighing the benefits of one financial aid provider. Given that most individuals look for sources of financial aid only when they are in an emergency, the company hopes that the article will prove a useful resource for people who have little time to commit to research. The Net Lender also welcomes all further inquiries in the subject, and is ready and willing to offer their own services should a customer decide to request their help.

The first misconception that The Net Lender addresses involves the requirements that are needed to request a cash advance. The company explains that, when it comes to cash advances using car titles as collateral, as they themselves offer, the requirements are minimal—the most important factor is that applicants must be the sole owner of the vehicle that will be used as collateral. The type of vehicle does not matter, as cars, motorcycles, RVs, SUVs, and even trucks qualify for a cash advance, though the amount of financial aid given varies accordingly. Other basic requirements include being at least 18 years of age and a resident of the state. Notably, individuals may apply for aid regardless of whether or not they possess a good credit record, as the company explains that it will not affect their application.

While the company, who is also known to clients as TNL, emphasises that these requirements are easy to meet, they state that it is important to choose a reliable financing company, as the vehicle's title will be surrendered to them until the full amount of the cash advance is repaid. While this is the only way that the provider has some sort of assurance that cash advance they provide will produce some sort of return, they state that individuals should be very careful with the terms of their contracts, as hidden fees and clauses may cause them to lose their vehicle.

The Net Lender says, "It was significantly easier back when you were able to simply go to the bank and request a cash advance to cover your unforeseen expenses. However, this is no longer the most viable option, which is why people now seek help from other third parties. Questionable choices can lead individuals to lose the assets they have worked so hard to acquire, putting them in debt with sketchy companies that hide their true intentions behind complicated contracts and hidden fees. At TNL, however, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent and offering our clients clear terms in our cash advance contracts. We are here to help them get out of the difficult situation they have found themselves in, not to make things worse."

One of the most renowned financial aid providers in California, The Net Lender is well-appreciated and supported by the community. The company maintains that their utmost priority is to help their customers.

Those who require a quick cash advance may approach The Net Lender for help. Additionally, interested parties may look up further information on financial aid by browsing the resources on TNL’s website. They may also find their closest TNL office by visiting the following link:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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