Sessia Connects Users With Social Media Based On Block Chain Technology

September 11, 2019
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New York-based Sessia has begun offering users a platform to connect both businesses and clients by taking advantage of blockchain technology. The company was originally developed in Moscow, Russia in 2016 before officially making the move to the United States in 2018.

To provide users with the best service possible, Sessia is fully staffed with teams that have years of experience in investments, e-commerce, hedge funds, and marketing. The high level of professionalism and expertise employed by Sessia’s staff allow clients of the platform to experience fast and secure communication alongside digital currency exchanges.

The Sessia Network, which is available on both iOS and Android, is taking advantage of the recent technology movement in the business world. The platform allows all business exchanges to happen online—in a secure environment—and enables companies to make direct contact with their clients, instead of using smaller intermediaries. Allowing businesses to directly reach out to a diverse client base not only helps them foster better working relationships, but it also lets companies develop more personal and effective marketing strategies. Many companies and brands who take advantage of the Sessia platform are able to rapidly build their online stores in this manner. Each store in the Sessia network has a crypto system of cashbacks which helps build their brand by drawing in clients.

All Sessia customers, no matter what vendor they go through, are rewarded for each purchase and recommendation they make on the platform. This reward is bestowed in the form of cashbacks, and all recommendations are automatically uploaded on the platform’s feed. This practice allows Sessia customers to get tangible goods in exchange for interacting with vendors in the network, while at the same time providing Sessia businesses with positive advertising through the network’s feed. Since the Sessia network rewards customers for every purchase and recommendation they make, companies are able to rethink their advertising campaigns to a degree that saves both the business and their clients money.

The network is bringing in the most recent and secure technology in order to further ensure quality service to each Sessia participant; Sessia Partner Klaytn, a world-wide public blockchain, is working to make the blockchain experience as user-friendly as possible. The new partnership between Sessia and Klaytn will offer users the features of both public and private blockchains in order to give Sessia participants the advantages of both types of blockchains. Ground X, the developer of Klaytn, is currently the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao, Korea’s largest social platform. Among other projects, Ground X has hopes of allowing the global population access and adoption of blockchain-based services, such as the Sessia partnership with Klaytn.

Given that Sessia is an online, rapidly growing network, the platform had to design a means for consumers and businesses around the world to access the cashbacks that are offered. In order to do this, Sessia offers all cashbacks in the form of kicks. These kicks are a form of cryptocurrency that are used universally among all users of the network. While kicks are currently only used on Sessia, the future of this cryptoasset is dependant on Sessia usage. As the growing social network on blockchain gains more and more popularity, many current users suspect that kicks will become more and more commonplace outside of Sessia in real world economies. The demand and value of kicks will increase as the platform expands over time and gains more and more vendors and clients.

Interested vendors and clients of Sessia are encouraged to read the network’s extensive literature on how the blockchain platform works, how it encourages sales, and how it connects businesses of all sizes to clients around the world. While the platform is quickly gaining popularity, Sessia is still working hard to bring their services to eager users, no matter their location. The network’s website has a wealth of updated information on any changes that are currently happening in their technology. The website also has notices of certain parameters that clients and businesses in particular countries or regions might encounter when using the platform’s services.

In addition to their website, Sessia keeps their clients informed on any changes happening within the network on popular social media sites, such as Reddit. In order to keep well-informed, the platform has an entire Subreddit dedicated to helping their clients learn how to effectively navigate their blockchain features. The website also has a dual purpose of fostering even more communication between Sessia’s employees, vendors, and clients. Interested parties may also contact Narek Sirakanyan of Sessia to make further inquiries.

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About Sessia:

Sessia is first social marketplace you need only smartphone to work with. Businesses can create a block chain-based loyalty program in minutes. Users leverage the power of a cashbacks social platform—it's a win-win for all parties involved.

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Narek Sirakanyan
114 E 25th St
New York, NY 10010

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