Dog Traning Expert In Sacramento Develops Revolutionary New Product

September 09, 2019
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Expert dog trainer Blair Diamond, the star of “Think Like A Dog”, an early Sacramento, California morning television show has announced that he is working on a secret device that will be able to stop fighting dogs in their tracks. Blair states that this revolutionary new device will forever change the dog training industry.

When asked about it he said, "I can't say much until we get the patent, but I can tell you this new device has changed my training practice and it will change the lives of people whom are confronted by aggressive dogs." He continued to state that, "not only will this be a staple item in all vet clinics and doggie day care businesses, but also we hope to create devices small enough for the everyday runner or shopper to carry in their purse."

The number of consumers who are attacked by dogs have reached a staggering number in the United States alone. Reports come in almost daily of joggers who are attacked by neighborhood dogs or children who are mauled by dogs while simply running and playing in their own yards. Diamond says that the need for a device that will protect these consumers is beyond critical and that some training simply does not teach certain dogs to stop when they are in the act of confronting someone that may intimidate or frighten them.

Long time dog advocate, Diamond also warns against trainers that use a different language or nonsensical words like "chierzique" or "strinsquam" for dog commands as this adds to the difficulty of strangers being able to call off an aggressive dog.

Diamond states, "It isn't the dogs fault if the runner or stranger is telling the dog no or off when it wasn't taught to listen to those commands, thus the necessity of a hand carried device that will instantly without words stop an aggressive dog."

Diamond says that it is about protecting the dogs as much as it is about protecting the consumer. He says that dogs who are not properly trained, for the most part, are simply protecting themselves when they are confronted or frightened by a stranger. While there are dogs who are trained to attack, these are certainly not the norm. He adds that most dogs are perfectly friendly but simply not trained to be able to handle someone that they do not know getting into their space.

Diamond adds that certain actions and situations make some dogs more behaviorally challenged than others. He says, “Just as a child who is raised in a questionable environment may act out, dogs may act out when they are not trained properly or simply neglected. This device will help those dogs to avoid putting themselves in situations that could cause them to be euthanized because that has become the standard practice for aggressive dogs.”

Diamond says that in many cases, the dogs are not aggressive at all in general, but simply frightened to the point of aggression in some situations and that his new device would stop them from their attacks, eliminating the issue and saving them from being put down. The device would also stop dogs from attacking each other, which is a common occurrence with some dogs when approached by other canines.

Diamond has been the go-to guy in California for aggressive behaviorally challenged dogs and their owners. He offers dog training Sacramento that teaches dogs not to be aggressive and helps canine owners to be better equipped to handle their own dogs in certain aggressive situations.

His Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides dog training services to dog owners throughout Mount Shasta, the Sacramento Area, the Bay Area, and Southern Oregon, helping owners with their dog's behavioral issues since 2005. Those who are interested in learning more about Diamond’s services or the new device that he is currently looking to patent can visit him on his official website or contact him directly via phone or email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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