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Green Apple Dentistry Celebrates 2000th Laser Frenectomy

August 26, 2019
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Dr. Evy Guerrero of Austin, TX based Green Apple Dentistry is proud to celebrate her 3000th laser frenectomy procedure. While this milestone is an achievement to take great pride in, the high number of laser frenectomies that Dr. Guerrero has successfully completed comes as no surprise to the dentist’s patients. A highly successful pediatric dentist, Dr. Guerrero has become a local expert in identifying, classifying, and treating lip and tongue ties in patients of all ages.

A laser frentectomy is a simple treatment for lip and tongue ties. Often performed on babies and small children, the procedure gets rid of any extra tissue attached to the tongue or upper lip so the patient regains full mobility of their mouth. While this extra tissue, called the frenum, can cause both mild and major symptoms in patients, the treatment is often simple and pain-free. Dr. Guerrero is proud of her successful track record using the Epic Biolase soft tissue laser during laser frenectomies carried out at Green Apple Dentistry. Unlike alternatives that require the use of a scalpel to release unwanted tissue from the tongue or upper lip, using the Epic Biolase laser allows Dr. Guerrero to complete the procedure with little-to-no pain.

This practice makes Dr. Guerrero a popular choice among parents of small children, as no local anesthetic or sedation is necessary. The Epic Biolase laser also allows the dentist to perform the procedure in a completely sterilized environment, which greatly reduces the risk of infection and encourages swift healing. To find out more about Dr. Guerero, Green Apple Dentistry, and the lasers they use for this procedure, visit the practice’s website.

While the laser frenectomy performed by Dr. Guerrero is a very quick and minor procedure, not getting it done when needed can lead to a lot more damage for patients of all ages. Babies who suffer from a tongue or lip tie can have trouble breastfeeding and breathing, which in turn can lead to extensive health problems. If serious enough, a tongue or lip tie can prevent the mouth from moving in ways that are needed to pronounce certain sounds. This issue commonly develops into a speech disorder where affected individuals cannot pronounce their R, S, T, D, and L sounds.

While tongue and lip ties are known to greatly affect an individual in the early stages of their development, this disorder can also have lasting impacts on a patient that pursue them for the rest of their lives. Adults who suffer from a lip or tongue tie report underdevelopment of their jaws and teeth, as well as chronic migraines, neck tension, sleep apnea, and the need for extensive orthodontic treatment, as the disorder can cause overcrowding and a large gap between the front teeth. Fortunately for those who suffer from a tongue or lip tie, or have a family member who suffers from the disorder, Green Apple Dentistry maintains an active blog that discusses the effects that a tongue or lip tie can cause. The blog also has posts dedicated to covering the warning signs of tongue and lip ties that parents should watch out for in their children.

Similarly, Dr. Guerrero makes it her duty to examine every infant, child, and teenager for any signs of tongue or lip ties. This examination is performed at every appointment to ensure that her patients have the most proactive care when it comes to frenum disorders. While examining a patient for a lip or tongue tie at every appointment may sound extreme, the doctor has encountered so many ties during her career that she estimates that fewer than 5% of the population does not have a tie. With years of practice identifying these tongue and lip ties, Dr. Guerrero is able to classify each tie so she can educate the patient and their family on the best treatments available. Whether it is the practice’s laser frenectomy procedure, or physical or speech therapy, Dr. Guerrero ensures that each patient is aware of any issues and what they can do to treat it.

Visit the practice’s website to learn more about the Austin pediatric dentist, or the laser frenectomy that Dr. Evy Guerrero provides her patients. Green Apple Dentistry can also be found on various social media platforms.

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