Tech Dogs Offers Expert Printer Management Services Across The US

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Plano, TX based Tech Dogs is pleased to inform their community that the company’s inclusive printer supplies and repair services can now be requested at their convenience. The company provides industry leading laser printer repairs and toner supplies in packages designed to meet their clients evolving local and national needs. Learn more by visiting the Tech Dogs website here:

Tech Dogs’ Senior Product Manager Rachel Roberts says, “We understand that our clients don’t want to be bogged down with the minutiae of printer management when their primary concerns are their own consumer base and daily operations. Since printers, especially laser printers, are delicate machines that need to be maintained well to function properly, it can be a costly hassle to stay on top of a regular maintenance schedule. This is also to say nothing of the need to ensure the printers in your office are always fully stocked with toner and the other necessities they require.”

She continues, “Fortunately, you can rely on us to handle all your printer demands. Tech Dogs has a long history of dedicated service and strategic solutions, supplying the industry’s best and most popular office printer products to commercial organizations across Texas and beyond. For more than a decade, our professional team of account managers has worked closely with clients to help them discover and adopt the best solution for reducing total printing costs and streamlining local and national printer repairs and supplies to one reliable service partner.”

Roberts invites businesses to visit the company, either through their website or by stopping by their premises, and find out how Tech Dogs can smooth their printer management workflow. For instance, the company can deliver dependable maintenance and onsite printer repairs alongside experienced product consultation and strategic advice. In short, Tech Dogs wields a diverse range of tools and expertise that enables them to guarantee an all-inclusive printer management service. Interested parties may find the company through Google Maps by visiting the following link:

Tech Dogs’ services can be especially helpful to companies that need to manage their overhead costs. As Roberts states, “Managing and maintaining your organization’s laser printer fleet can often be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming. Luckily Tech Dogs provides personalized and highly advanced Managed Print Services (MPS), included with their Bundled Service Programs, that resolves ongoing issues and frees up resources for your organization.” This includes an automated supply fulfillment program (that ensures the client’s office is never short of the printer materials they need to function), proactive onsite service as well as phone-based assistance, and the consolidation of all print-related costs into a single, fixed Cost-Per-Cartridge solution. Notably, Tech Dogs is also able to support corporate initiatives with sustainable products and recycling programs—while realizing reduced print costs.

Additionally, the Bundle Service Programs offered by Tech Dogs come with several baseline perks that many companies would find incredibly beneficial to their daily operations. First and foremost, clients who choose such a bundle are eligible to receive free on-site printer repairs at any location within the US. They may also relinquish responsibility for keeping track of their toner levels since Tech Dogs utilizes advanced software to stay remotely informed of their clients’ requirements. This means that printer resupply is effectively automated, and new inventory arrives as and when it is needed. This, combined with the company’s ability to ensure next-day delivery anywhere in the country, means their clients are never to be held up by a lack of printer supplies.

Roberts adds that each Bundle Service Program is carefully calibrated to suit the client in question. “Your organization’s printer fleet is unlikely to function like any other’s,” she says. “Since we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we customize the services we offer you to ensure you get exactly what you need. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer—especially since you can save up to 25% on desktop printer supplies when you order through us.”

Clients may contact Rachel Roberts of Tech Dogs to learn more or visit the company’s website to browse their services. Interested parties may also use the following link to read more about the company: Additionally, Tech Dogs can be reached through their social media platforms.

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Providing the best solution to reduce total printing costs and streamlining local and national printer repairs and supplies to one reliable service partner.

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