THC Internet Marketing Publishes New Cannabis PoS Systems Reviews

August 15, 2019
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THC Internet Marketing recently published a blog post in which the marketing company reviews several Point of Sale (PoS) systems that utilize various dispensary marketing techniques to help companies bring in more buyers. The company asserts that choosing the correct point of sales system for a specific business is an incredibly important marketing technique.

While many think that a point of sale, or point of purchase, system is no more than the place where transactions between the customer and business take place, a high-functioning point of sale system can actually integrate with outside marketing platforms to drive up business. Most point of sale systems are user-friendly and have pleasing aesthetics, but serious companies will look beyond the pretty packaging to find out more about the marketing features each system can bring to the table.

Some of the most successful PoS systems reviewed by THC Internet Marketing, for instance, have inventory tracking features that can automatically update themselves and post menus and prices to large online dispensary websites. Some of these systems can also connect via Bluetooth to domestic screens around the business, giving customers easy-to-understand visuals on what products are being offered, in addition to other information that is helpful for them to know. Using point of sale systems to display product information on company property, as well as on larger, more public platforms, is a simple way to keep customers happy and incentivize them to come back again and again. In their recent blog post, THC Internet Marketing outlines the importance of these features and how dispensaries can use them to their advantage.

Another helpful feature pointed out by THC Internet Marketing is a point of sale system’s ability to create a loyalty program that is customized to a particular dispansary’s needs and preferences. Loyalty programs are a great way to benefit both the dispensary and the customer. Receiving free products, or a discounted price on a certain item, makes customers feel rewarded for spending money in a specific location. The positive reinforcement this generates will keep the customer feeling valued and, therefore, help secure future consistent sales for the dispensary. Making a customer feel rewarded for spending money is a great marketing technique that THC Internet Marketing urges businesses to take advantage of.

Along with seven other great point of sale systems designed to function in a dispensary setting, THC Internet Marketing’s blog post includes a review of the Cova system. The blog highly praises this particular PoS system for the convenient and important services it provides to dispensaries. To help keep transactions quick and hassle-free, for example, the system runs on extremely responsive software. In fact, the company boasts an average time of 1.4 seconds to complete each transaction. Along with keeping sales moving as fast as possible and reducing customer wait time, the Cova system also helps keep track of local rules and regulations so companies can ensure that their employees are always cognizant of the laws surrounding sales.

Automatically limiting the amount of product a customer can buy and preventing employees from selling products after-hours, the Cova system takes on plenty of responsibility so businesses can focus more on the customer. To learn more about the Cova point of sale system and the features it provides, read THC Internet Marketing’s blog post at

To keep their readers entertained and well-informed on each point of sale system that they review, THC Internet Marketing provides a short list of advantages and drawbacks for each system. This organized list allows the company’s audience to learn about each important feature that every system provides before they decide to explore a device’s capabilities further.

Notably, some of the point of sale systems reviewed in THC Internet Marketing’s blog post are only available to dispensaries in certain locations. Other systems come with 24 hour tech support while others do not. These critical facts are important for interested companies to know, and THC Internet Marketing’s reviews keeps information transparent by clearly outlining them before going into more detail.

Along with their active and up-to-date reviews and blog posts regarding a range of internet marketing techniques—including taking advantage of all the features that point of sale systems provide—THC Internet Marketing helps dispensaries improve their sales by providing consulting and marketing services. To learn more about the marketing company, or to read any of their reviews or blog posts, visit the THC Internet Marketing website. Interested parties may also want to see their post about Weedmaps and Leafly marketing channels at:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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THC Internet Marketing is a boutique digital marketing specializing in providing traffic for cannabis dispensaries.

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