Emergency Crane Services Provider Rescues Firetruck In Chicago

August 13, 2019
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Bridgeview, IL based Imperial Crane Services, Inc. is pleased to report that they were successfully able to rescue a Chicago Fire Department fire engine after the city called on them for assistance. Given that the company provides emergency crane services in Chicago, Imperial Crane had the resources to get a crane onsite with minimal delay.

According to ABC7 Chicago, the engine was parked on the top level of a South Shore two-storey garage a short while before noon on August 6, when part of the floor beneath the vehicle gave way and fell to the bottom level. This left the engine precariously suspended by its rear half and front bumper on sections of the garage that had not collapsed. ABC7 states that, “The fire department was responding to a call at the Symphony of South Shore nursing home next to the garage when the collapse happened. Workers inside the nursing home said it sounded and felt like an earthquake.”

Fire officials emptied the truck of 500 gallons of water to help ensure the floor wouldn’t collapse further. Due to the vehicle’s remaining weight of 38,000 lbs, however, they were unable to safely extricate the engine until Imperial Crane arrived. Work crews then labored to remove the engine from the parking garage with the aid of the company’s crane, and the vehicle was successfully rescued a short while later. According to a tweet from the Chicago Fire Department, the fire engine was deemed capable of driving to a shop for repairs.

Had the vehicle been completely destroyed, it is estimated that it would have cost the city of Chicago up to $500,000 to replace. At the time it was removed, the gap that the engine left behind still forced around 20 vehicles, including a police cruiser, to remain stranded on the upper level of the parking garage. Illustrating Imperial Crane’s impeccable safety and service record, the emergency project was carried out with no added injury to personnel or damage to surrounding property. Notably, the company wields a versatile array of crane-related services in addition to their emergency response capabilities.

Imperial Crane Services, Inc. is a full service crane sales and rentals company based in Chicago. Established in 1969, the crane services veteran now boasts a wealth of experience in the industry, relying on expert hands and high-end equipment to accomplish their objectives. Those looking to buy a crane in Chicago also stand to benefit from the invaluable advice and other forms of assistance that the company has to offer.

Imperial Crane states, “Our commitment to excellence is the most integral component in our daily operations. This means that we are dedicated to the highest standards in safety, service, and quality. From the receptionist to the foreman, that commitment shows through our remarkable customer service, our state-of-the-art technology, and the safest equipment and procedures anywhere in the world. Our greatest resource is our people and their dedication is what has made Imperial Crane a trailblazer in this industry.”

Visitors to the company’s main website will find that it hosts a comprehensive listing of new and used cranes that they may buy from anywhere in the country, alongside an equally diverse selection of crane parts and related equipment. This freely accessible online database is designed to encourage cooperation and trade between multiple parties, whether they are affiliated with Imperial Crane or not. As a result, smaller companies have the opportunity to carefully choose locally available equipment that fits their budget, and their larger counterparts may browse the expansive crane catalogue for the precise equipment they desire.

Those who would like to buy or sell a crane, browse a selection of Chicago crane rentals, or request a quote for any equipment or services the company offers may visit their website to get started. They may also contact John Bohne of Imperial Crane Services, Inc. to make further inquiries, or connect with Imperial Crane through their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news, offers, and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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