Sports Injury Chiropractor In Santa Monica Discusses Importance Of Proper Body Care

August 12, 2019
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Dr. James Hogan of Active Body Chiro-Care, a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Santa Monica, recently discussed the importance of properly taking care of one's body. Dr. Hogan's work and experience in the field has earned him wide recognition as one of the best chiropractors in Los Angeles. He is often described as a reliable practitioner who cares for his patients and devises effective treatments according to their individual needs.

Dr. Hogan states that most of the injuries and ailments that he observes in his patients can be linked to them neglecting to seek proper care, and thereby settle their issues at a more opportune time, once they notice the first symptoms. He explains that patients tend to ignore their ailments under the expectation that such problems will disappear and fully heal on their own without further consequences. However, this is rarely the case. He warns that an injury left untreated can be a serious threat to a person’s health and career in the long term—and this holds especially true for athletes.

"Ignoring injuries and expecting them to heal by themselves is among the worst things an athlete can do," asserts Dr. Hogan, explaining that it is common for athletes to simply apply treatments that reduce the inflammation of the injury rather than heal it completely. This causes soreness and stiffness around the affected area, along with other consequences which may not be evident at first sight. Dr. Hogan adds, "An untreated injury takes longer to heal than one which receives proper care, and it may never fully heal. You'll be more likely to injure yourself in the future and may even aggravate the same injury you thought you had recovered from."

He states that the best way to reduce the risk of future injuries, or the aggravation of old ones, is to visit a chiropractor in West Hollywood who will be able to determine the best way to proceed forward with treatment. Additionally, an expert can advise patients on the best ways to adapt their training routines to prevent future injuries, allowing them to fully enjoy the activities they love the most without worrying about exacerbating any injuries during their training.

Dr. Hogan and Active Body Chiro-Care specialize in sports injuries and have worked alongside hundreds of athletes to help them fully recover without further consequences. Furthermore, Active Body Chiro-Care offers a benefit that not many other chiropractors in Los Angeles possess: Their practices are based on holistic medicine, which practically means that their treatments focus on enhancing the body's natural healing through non-invasive procedures without the use of painkillers or other pharmaceuticals. As such substances often come with a long list of side effects, they may also prevent an athlete from competing, or negatively affect their performance.

"Chiropractic care of sports injuries typically requires several treatment sessions over multiple weeks; however, many of our patients state that they feel better even after just one treatment," notes Dr. Hogan. He adds, "This is the power of holistic chiropractic treatments, applied to their full extent to help our patients get back to their full potential in no time. You will not only enjoy a full range of motion and decreased soreness and stiffness, but you'll also see a great improvement in your nervous and immune system health once treatments begin, effectively improving your overall body health."

Active Body Chiro-Care is one of the most successful chiropractic care centers in Los Angeles and has garnered hundreds of highly positive stories from patients over the years. One of their most recent stories describes the case of Adam Smith, who sustained an injury weeks before an important competition. Smith says, "Dr. Hogan helped me recover from my injury just in time for the tournament. I had already given up on competing in it as I knew from personal experience I was not going to recover in time, but he made it possible. I have visited sports chiropractors in the past, but none were as good as Dr. Hogan. He is one of the best Los Angeles Chiropractors for back pain and I owe him the great experience I had at the competition."

For more information regarding the different treatments offered at Active Body Chiro-Care, interested parties may visit the clinic’s website or reach out to Dr. James Hogan to follow up on any inquiries.

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