Dependable Homebuyers Pitches Real Estate as an Alternative Investment in Newport News

August 02, 2019
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Evan Roberts has written an article on the official blog of Dependable Homebuyers where he highlights the reasons why investors should consider real estate in Newport News as an alternate investment. The post talks about the negative outlook for stocks, bonds and indices in the near future and the long term uncertainty in regards to the quantum of returns. The impending recession that many economists are predicting might hit in the first quarter of next year and this will make traditional investment opportunities less lucrative than they are right now. Despite the markets being relatively stable and several industries clocking steady growth, the traditional investment options are not yielding enough returns and investors are looking for new avenues.

Real estate has always been one of the core investment considerations of many but not all investors have such assets in their portfolio. There are many investors who prefer real estate investment trusts instead of owning actual assets on the ground. The collapse of the housing market last year that also led to the worst financial crisis in many decades managed to discourage many from investing in real estate. That phase is long over and now real estate is one of the safest yet most rewarding investment opportunities.

Many stocks have been underperforming. Traditional industries are undergoing unprecedented transformations. While unemployment rates have been relatively low and there are new job opportunities in different sectors, several conventional industries will cease to operate in the same way and most of it shall be due to technological interventions. This does put these industries and hence the relevant investments into some degree of uncertainty if not entirely in jeopardy. Investors looking for diversification and also to consolidate the values of the assets they already own should seek safer havens. Real estate can be as safe and rewarding as other tried and tested sectors, if not more secured and financially lucrative. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

Mr. Roberts and his team at the We Buy Houses company acquire residential properties in Newport News. The company buys all types of houses throughout the state of Virginia and beyond. The nationwide company has also started buy land recently. It carries out outright sale of houses directly from the owners, effectively eliminating the need of realtors and multiple listing services. With no commissions and closing costs for the sellers to pay, homeowners are now turning to Dependable Homebuyers for greater profits. The absence of middlemen and elimination of the various expenses are also assisting the real estate investment firm to secure better returns. Investments should be optimized to secure the maximum return possible. Owning actual real estate including rental properties that generate cash flow has enabled Dependable Homebuyers to expand its areas of investment. A similar development awaits investors who make timely decisions and acquire prized real estate in the state. The impending recession might make real estate an even more rewarding proposition. A slowdown is the perfect time to acquire residential real estate, which can later be liquidated at much appreciated values. For more details, contact Dependable Homebuyers directly.

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