Rockwell Trading Announces Launch Of New Book: Power X Strategy

August 02, 2019
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Austin, Texas based Rockwell Trading is pleased to announce the launch of their new book: PowerX Strategy. The company hopes that the book will serve as a guide to readers who are navigating their first trading experiences, helping them avoid the most common mistakes that beginners make.

Markus Heitkoetter, founder of Rockwell Trading, asserts, "We are most excited to see the difference that the PowerX Strategy is sure to have on our readers’ trading experience. We’ve been working on this project for a long time, honing our own expertise and experience into a cohesive, yet accessible, whole that even those new to the trading world could easily digest. Trading may appear to have an almost insurmountable threshold at first, but it only takes those willing to put in the work to learn the ropes—and a guide to keep them from stumbling across avoidable pitfalls. We hope that the PowerX Strategy will function as this guide, helping them deal with the diverse challenges they may encounter across the different stages of their immersion in the trading business."

The book describes the experience of Markus Heitkoetter during his trading journey, including the diverse techniques he learned while taking himself from a complete beginner to a trading expert. Heitkoetter explains that this was a self-learning experience which took years to perfect through trial and error. Despite this, the techniques discussed in the book should be easy enough for individuals to both learn and adapt to their situation.

Another topic explained in the book is the development of the PowerX Optimizer Software, which took Heitkoetter years of experience to compile. This system is a tool that promises to innovate how trading is carried out. Rockwell Trading asserts that it has uncovered the most effective way to trade in the current market, despite going against every piece of common knowledge in the field. To help introduce the tool’s abilities and virtues to as many people as possible, Rockwell Trading is offering a free PowerX Optimizer Demo that allows interested parties to test out its features, thereby gaining an idea of the immense value it can lend their existing trading repertoire.

Rockwell Trading notes that lack of information is often what stops people from making a serious investment (in terms of time, effort, and money) to develop their own skills in the field and push through the initial difficulties they face. This is further compounded by the fact that existing trading experts are often hesitant about sharing their techniques and methods with the public. The PowerX Strategy, however, seeks to flip this dynamic on its head and introduce a wealth of talented new individuals to the benefits of trading.

Trading in the stock market can significantly transform an individual's financial future. While the odds are slim, according to Heitkoetter, a good investment can be enough to secure one's future. He says, "While it is unlikely to find this white whale of trading that will change your life forever in the span of just a few days, we discuss this possibility and how to possibly identify it. However, we have chosen to focus the book on how you can impact your future through small, yet meaningful, decisions over the years—by focusing on earning a well-established capital that allows you to find more investment opportunities each time. Our goal is to help our readers gain financial independence through consistent, long-term wealth, providing the tools and direction which can help them achieve this goal."

The company is keenly invested in sharing their expertise with their community, which is why they also offer regular seminars in which the Rockwell Trading team shares Heitkoetter's history in the business and provide advice for beginners. The Rockwell Trading Bootcamp is a one-day trading seminar where individuals are instructed on how to find the best stock to trade, when to buy stock, how to limit their risk to maximize profits, when to take profits, and how to steadily grow their account through calculated investments.

Interested parties may visit the company's website for more information regarding the book written by Markus Heitkoetter. Furthermore, they may also reserve a spot at one of the company’s upcoming trading Bootcamps, as these are also an important tool that can help individuals take the right steps in the trading world.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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