Layton Utah Company Discusses Benefits Of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

August 12, 2019
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All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, a Layton Utah air duct cleaning company, recently discussed the benefits of professional cleaning and what consumers should look for when it comes to an air duct cleaning company. All Clean Air Duct Cleaning provides services in Katysville, Utah, as well as Lehi, Layton, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Roy, Park City and Sandy.

Daryl Olsen, a representative for the company says, “There are a number of reasons why professional cleaning is important. First, professional cleaning companies are going to have the equipment that is needed to ensure a good clean whereas consumers will not.”

Olsen says that normal homeowners do not have the thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment that is needed to thoroughly clean their air ducts. He adds that a simple wet-dry vacuum is not nearly enough to clean out what needs to be cleaned.

“Many homeowners think that their shop vac will do the trick,” says Olsen. “These are indeed high powered vacuums but they are not nearly as high powered as they need to be. Also, professional duct cleaning vacuums have specialized filters that normal shop vacs will not have.”

Olsen says that in order for air duct cleaning to be done properly, filters are needed that will prevent any dust or spores in the vents from being released into the home. Specialized filters will trap these particles and keep them from entering back into the vent or into the air in the home.

Olsen adds that even if a homeowner gets all of the dirt and debris that they can see in their vents, they have to understand that there are parts of those vents that they will not be able to see. These are normally the areas that can cause issues because there is no way for the average homeowner to get those areas clean.

“Dust is not the only thing that we clean from those vents,” says Olsen. “In order to truly call those air vents clean, every single particle of dust and debris has to be removed. Mold spores commonly grow inside vents and those spores have to be removed in order to keep the air in the home safe for breathing.”

Olsen says that removal of any mold spores is always best left to professionals because the average homeowner will not have the tools and equipment needed to keep those spores from being released into the home. When mold spores are moved or disturbed, they can break up and release into the air. Mold growth in homes can cause serious allergies and issues in those who have breathing issues such as asthma.

Olsen says that in order to ensure that the air ducts in a home are thoroughly cleaned and that they are safe for homeowners and their families is to have a professional bring in their professional equipment and perform the cleaning. Professional companies will have high powered vacuums that include HEPA filter systems that can safely clean vents and remove any dust, debris or allergens that may be evident.

Olsen adds that All Clean Air Duct Cleaning has a team of professionals that can come into a home or business and thoroughly clean the air ducts, leaving the air free from allergens and the ducts pristine. He adds that this is something that should be done regularly and the frequency depends on a number of thing such as how dusty the home gets due to gravel roads and other issues and the health issues that may be experienced by those living in the home. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma for instance may want to have their ducts cleaned more often than those who do not.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by the company can visit them on their official website. An online contact form is available for scheduling appointments and those who prefer direct contact can reach the company by phone or email.

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