Ogden Water Damage Cleanup Advisory Issued By Utah Disaster Specialists

August 12, 2019
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Centerville, Utah based Utah Disaster Specialist recently issued an advisory for Ogden and other areas that have suffered water damage. Their advisory provides straightforward, easy to follow steps which help anyone dealing with water damage. Daryl Olsen, a spokesman for Utah Disaster Specialists, said, “Water damage is more of a common occurrence than most people think and can be caused by a variety of mishaps. We always advise calling a local water damage cleanup specialist and to turn off the water source if, and only if, it is safe to do so.”

In Ogden, Utah, a customer's humidifier failed. Luckily this failure only affected an unfinished room at basement level, so the damage was only to some drywall and insulation. Therefore, Utah Disaster Specialists was able to perform a mitigation which only cost $1,524.52.

The company serves communities across the state, including Ogden, Centerville, Salt Lake City, Park City, and other areas. Since they are ranked among the Top 10 Damage Restoration Companies, they often receive calls from those looking for help in emergency situations. Their 24/7 emergency response service helps ensure their Ogden Utah water damage cleanup customers have the highest possible likelihood of preventing further damage to their homes and property.

Their team of trustworthy technicians have the training and experience to deal with any situation and are well known throughout Davis County for their high quality services and commitment to local communities. They have received many highly positive reviews online for their excellent customer service. From leaking pipes to broken humidifiers, no job is too big for them.

Utah Disaster Specialists advised relying on experts to diagnose issues, and provide advice and coaching for those who are keen to fix it themselves. This will help ensure that property owners do not cause more damage to their own home than they had originally. For those looking to restore their homes quickly, the company’s quick and professional cleanup services are unmatched in the area. “We are always at our customer’s reach 365 days a year. Water damage is a serious issue that can cause permanent damage. Proper attention and treatment can prevent many issues from occurring in the first place,” explained Olsen.

The company is also active on Facebook, posting many useful videos and advisories online in order to maintain a resource for all those who wish to learn more. One of their recent posts highlighted safety tips to help prevent home fires. Utah Disaster Specialists can provide fire damage cleanup services and offer fire damage cleanup consultation before they even get their insurance company involved.

Sara Penquite recently gave them 5 Stars in her review on Google. She said, “I called Utah Disaster Specialists when my basement apartment flooded and my landlord was out of the country and unavailable. Other companies were not willing to help me without my landlord's permission, but Daryl went out on a limb and was willing to help me. Flooding is always a very stressful situation, and I was very appreciative that someone was able to help me. I highly recommend this company.”

Olson said, “We know that many only call us when they are in one of the most stressful situations they have ever had to face. Our main priority is to provide the best service we can, to help those in dire need of an emergency repair service. Getting feedback from them just makes us want to do more to help others.”

The company noted that many homeowners now use humidifiers to provide essential moisture to counteract many health issues, including allergies and frequent coughing, dryness in the throat or airways, sinus headaches, dry skin, cracked lips, and irritated eyes. However, a broken humidifier can cause serious water damage. As many owners are adding on whole-house humidifiers, they also need to assess that their systems have been installed correctly.

The company provides a range of emergency and maintenance service to address many of the common issues that property owners face. For example, air duct cleaning can result in improved cost-effectiveness, and can even extend the lifespan of a home’s heating and cooling system. They also provide mold and sewage cleanup services, helping ensure that all harmful materials and bacteria are removed.

Those interested in reading the advisory on water damage cleanup can do so through the company’s website. For more information regarding the Utah Disaster Specialists, interested parties may contact Daryl Olsen, who will be pleased to answer any inquiries regarding the company and their services. They may also visit the company's website and follow them on their social media channels to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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