The Flood Co. Offers Sewage Cleanup In Utah

August 05, 2019
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Centerville, UT based plumbing company, The Flood Co., is pleased to invite the residents of Utah to check out the company’s sewage cleanup services. While wide scale flooding is quite rare in Utah, with events that cause damage to hundreds of homes being almost unheard of, water damage is still an issue many residents have to contend with, and reversing its effects is a job that is often better left to professionals. The Flood Co. has all the equipment and knowledge necessary to repair any damage done to a client’s home by water or other natural event outside of their control. Learn more here: Utah Sewage Cleanup.

Utah residents can get help with water damage from any accidents, leaks, or appliance failures that lead to something getting wet in their homes. “It doesn’t have to be visibly wet to cause serious damage,” says The Flood Co., a warning that is echoed on their website. “If wood or other organic materials are at 17% moisture content or above, they are at risk of growing mold. If they stay wet for more than a few days, mold can grow. Once mold grows, the same drying options are not available, and more demolition is necessary. Whenever you have a water damage event, have it checked out to avoid more serious damage.”

There are a number of water damage events that may warrant a call to The Flood Co. Pipe leaks, for instance, are perhaps the most common cause of water damage in houses. Pipes come in a wide variety of sizes, and repairing or replacing them takes the kind of knowledge only available to a trained professional. Minor leaks can still cause major problems, and Utah residents who suspect their pipes might be leaking are advised to contact a professional to repair the pipes. This is especially vital considering that hidden dampness can cause a number of problems and can take weeks to dry on its own. By calling a professional, homeowners will have access to an expert who can inspect the damage to determine how much it might cost to cover repairs or replacements.

Another major cause of water damage is toilet overflow. This can be a minor or serious issue depending on how much water there is, how contaminated it is, what sort of floor coverings there are, and on what floor the toilet is located. Another appliance that may cause water damage if it malfunctions is one that is found in almost every household across the country: the water heater. Water heaters, as they get older, become unreliable and unpredictable and may begin releasing large amounts of water from the pressure release valve. Eventually, this can lead to serious damage. Similarly, dishwashers can leak and cause damage.

Frozen pipes can also be a major water hazard. As The Flood Co. says, “If a pressurized pipe freezes, it will begin to release water as soon as it thaws—and this will continue until the water is turned off. If no one is home and the water continues to run, it can add up to a lot of water that in turn causes a lot of water damage. If the hose bib or water line to an outside faucet freezes, the pipe won’t leak until the faucet is turned on. These leaks are typically discovered in spring and summer when you are using your outside faucets. Water runs down the inside of walls. Get help to make sure everything gets dried properly.”

One of the things The Flood Co. has come to specialize in dealing with is sewer line-related issues. This is, by definition, incredibly unsanitary water, referred to as category 3 or black water. When handling sewer water, special precautions must be taken to clean and disinfect the affected area, protect occupants, and dry the structure properly in order to decrease the risk of being infected with Hepatitis or E-coli.

These are just some of the many issues one is encouraged to contact a professional for, and The Flood Co. is one of the best choices to deal with the effects of water damage. The company is known for their fast response times and attention to detail. Find out more about The Flood Co. online at their website.

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The Flood Co. has been providing Northern Utah with disaster repair services for over 20 years.

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