THC Internet Marketing Publishes Article On Leafly VS Weed Maps VS Google

August 06, 2019
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THC Internet Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping cannabis dispensaries with their marketing needs and customer growth. The company recently announced that they have published a new article with helpful information to assist dispensaries in deciding between Leafly, Weed Maps and Google. Those interested can visit to read the article.

Davis Winn with THC marketing says, “Google is the most important part of a strategy of digital marketing for cannabis dispensaries and unfortunately, many dispensaries do not know this. They simply rely on other marketing means that do not work, and hope for the best.”

Winn says that the company has produced a number of helpful tips for dispensaries, mostly informing them of the importance of being found on Google Maps. The recently published article outlines the differences in Leafly, Weed Maps and Google and gives a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Winn says the first thing that dispensaries need to pay attention to is pricing. “Google wins the pricing war hands down,” says Winn. “While dispensaries could get the same traffic results from the three, Weed Maps and Leafly are not going to give the same amount of traffic as Google without some serious costs. For those who are watching their budget, Google is simply the better choice.”

Winn says that there are a number of things to consider when it comes to dispensary digital marketing and adds that his company is designed to help dispensaries to better understand how to market their products and services. Winn regularly posts helpful tips and advice for dispensaries to help them with their traffic needs.

In his latest post, he talks about the specific features that are offered by Google as opposed to Leafly and Weed Maps. He says in the post that Google does not offer the same features that are included with the other two choices and that Google is not as friendly to cannabis dispensaries as they do not offer menus and product listings for cannabis stores like Weed Maps and Leafly. He adds that if features are what are important to a dispensary, then Google is clearly not the best choice.

Winn says that the idea behind the post is to outline all of the pros and cons of using each of these platforms for dispensary SEO. He states that search engine optimization is crucial for any dispensary that wants to bring in customers. In his post, Winn also covers the actual traffic that each of the platforms can provide to dispensaries.

He states that with regards to gaining more traffic to dispensaries, Google is the clear winner, simply because Google Play is downloaded on millions of phones by default. “When someone wants to find a dispensary in their area, they are likely going to go to Google Maps,” says Winn, “Because it’s well known. That means that anyone who wants to gain a lot of local traffic needs to be listed on Google Maps in order to capitalize on this traffic.”

Winn says that dispensaries should understand that SEO is something that takes a lot of time and commitment. He states that it will take some time in order to see results and that dispensary owners need to understand that any platform they choose for SEO is not going to provide results overnight. He adds that it is common to give at least a 90 day turnaround to see traffic coming in from any SEO tactic.

Winn adds that there are numerous other things that must be considered when dispensaries are planning their marketing tactics. He states that anyone who has questions or who would like professional SEO for their dispensary can contact THC Marketing through their official website or visit the site to learn more about what they offer and the benefits of specifically designed SEO for cannabis dispensaries. Those interested can also contact the company directly through the information on their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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THC Internet Marketing is a boutique digital marketing specializing in providing traffic for cannabis dispensaries.

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THC Internet Marketing is a boutique digital marketing specializing in providing traffic for cannabis dispensaries.

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