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Auto Accident Attorney Kenneth S. Nugent Now Representing Clients In Augusta

July 29, 2019
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Acclaimed law firm Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. recently announced the expansion of their services to include a new Augusta office, where they will be looking after their client's best interests during their times of need. The law firm is one of the most successful in Georgia, serving multiple locations across the state where they are equally renowned for their successful history and commitment towards their clients.

The firm asserts that they have helped thousands of clients defend their best interests in court and receive the compensation they are entitled to. They intend to carry this dedication over to their new location, bringing the vast experience behind their legal expertise to their new clients in Augusta.

Tim Derrickson, a representative of the law firm, states, "We are very excited to bring our services to Augusta. Our clients can expect to be defended as fiercely as their counterparts are at our other locations. We take great pride in having represented our clients effectively over the years, across the entire state, and Augusta residents will receive nothing short of the same excellence."

As the firm remarks, one of the most common mistakes that car accident victims make is to refrain from doing enough research on the auto accident attorney who will represent them throughout their case. This often occurs as a byproduct of the feeling of urgency they have following an accident—as well as a lack of knowledge of the legal process. Unfortunately, this leads them to make hasty decisions when selecting their legal representation.

"While seeking legal representation shortly after an accident is crucial to ensure you have the best chances of succeeding in your case, you should not choose an attorney without proper research," advises Derrickson, adding that most people make the mistake of choosing an attorney without considering their legal specialization. Only an attorney who specializes in car accidents, he says, can guarantee the best chances of success for the victim, thereby making sure that they will eventually be fairly compensated for their injuries.

The attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., who specialize in auto accident cases, assert that they can skillfully review a client's case and determine what obligations the insurance company has relating to their injuries. They are able to accomplish this by weighing the different options that the represented has to make a claim, based on past experiences. This may include compensation for damages to their car, temporary replacement of the vehicle, ongoing medical treatment, and lost wages, among other possible inconveniences the victim may have suffered. In extreme cases where the victim's injuries are extensive, the insurance company may also be obligated to pay the victim for their pain and suffering, in addition to the loss of enjoyment of life.

Notably, the attention and dedication that the firm shows each of their clients is reflected in the outpouring of appreciation they have received from the communities they have represented. This is illustrated by a number of highly positive reviews posted online, indicating that the attorneys are among the best rated in the state. Furthermore, their clients often directly attribute the successful resolution of their cases to the firm’s involvement.

Jason Davis shares, "Attorney Ken Nugent and his team are incredible to work with. They will take the time to answer any questions you may have and do a great job at responding to emails and phone calls promptly. They carefully explained each of the steps in the process and helped me understand my legal rights. The best part is that they make sure you receive your compensation promptly—as during my previous experiences with other attorneys, I had to wait several years before receiving any money. I would recommend the Augusta personal injury attorneys at Ken's office!"

For more information on Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. in Augusta, interested parties may contact Tim Derrickson, who will gladly assist prospective clients. Furthermore, those in need of legal representation in their auto injury case may visit the firm’s website, which includes their current contact information and a form through which clients may request an initial consultation to have their case evaluated.

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