Holistic Chiropractor In West Hollywood Shares New Success Story

July 24, 2019
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Dr. James Hogan of Active Body Chiro-Care, a holistic chiropractor in West Hollywood, is excited to share yet another success story from one of his most recent patients who underwent chiropractic treatment for their sports injury. Through his holistic practice, Dr. Hogan is well known for offering patients quick relief from their ailments through natural solutions and treatments.

According to Dr. Hogan, the case in question was one of the most difficult he had encountered over the past few years, as he had to use a variety of techniques and practices that he learned over the course of his career. He asserts, "The patient was an athlete who unfortunately did not take proper care of his body during the initial part of his career. This lead to the deterioration of different muscles and articulations which did not show any signs of damage at first—but then began affecting his performance as time went on. He was presenting an advanced stage for multiple conditions which posed a serious threat to the future of his career. These conditions would have, without a doubt, hindered his ability to compete in upcoming competitions. He would not have been able to perform at his best.”

Dr. Hogan notes that it is a common practice for beginner athletes to treat their injuries by themselves rather than approaching a professional for proper treatment, simply due to the relative convenience that self-care offers. Due to this, they end up applying ice, or taking other anti-inflammatory measures in response, to the affected area and hoping it goes away with time, which is a very dangerous attitude.

"Resorting to a solution which only reduces the inflammation of the affected area is far from advisable," warns Dr. Hogan, adding that this only leads to the athlete suffering from lingering soreness and stiffness in the affected area as it does not address the source of the injury, only the symptoms. "A minor injury which could have been easily treated by a professional will now pose a bigger risk in the future, as they risk sustaining a new injury that will aggravate the previous one. This would take even longer to heal than before, as a result of a lack of treatment administered at the proper time."

Delaying proper treatment and not getting enough rest led the athlete to a desperate situation where he needed to immediately locate a sports chiropractor in West Hollywood who could help him. He says, "I had already contacted many other chiropractors in the area, though they all said I would not be able to compete anymore, and instead would have to adopt a calmer lifestyle far away from the heavy lifting and exercising I love. Of course, this was unacceptable to me, as I still have many goals and objectives to accomplish before I can think about retiring from this sport."

This is a common occurrence among athletes who sustain injuries at an advanced age, as the chances for a full recovery are slim. More often than not, the best approach is to simply give up attending competitions and seek a different lifestyle. Watson continues, "Ever since I contacted Dr. Hogan, he did not even mention the possibility of me giving up the sport I love. He simply talked about the different treatments and techniques he could use to heal me and, even though it may take some time, he was very enthusiastic and reassuring about the fact that I would be able to recover fully and go back to practice once again, at my fullest. Now, after a few months of weekly treatments, I feel as good as ever, and I have a green light to continue my training for the upcoming competition—which I'm more motivated than ever to attend, all thanks to Dr. Hogan."

Active Body Chiro-Care’s website features a complete description of the services and treatments offered by Dr. Hogan, which includes Spinal Adjustment in West Los Angeles, Shoulder Pain, and Sports Injury treatments. First-time patients may also fill out a preliminary form through the online platform.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Dr. James Hogan is a licensed Chiropractor serving the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hawthorne community. Dr. James Hogan works with patients of all ages and physical abilities, including professional athletes.

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