Green Developer Solving Housing Problems With ADUs

July 09, 2019
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GreenFeet, Inc, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has announced the release of their backyard ADUs that will help solve the housing crisis, affordability problems, and multi-generational living. ADUs are accessory dwelling units, which are small backyard housing units also known as granny flats or tiny homes. Because of the shortage of affordable housing, ADUs have gained in popularity. More information about the ADUs can be gleaned when people visit the website.

Meanwhile, GreenFeet is a prefab manufacturer, developer, and contractor that delivers net-zero energy housing projects through the US and all over the world. With their patent-protected Corelite Modular Frame, ultra-fast jobsite assembly, advanced mass-production method, creative plans, and solar integration, they are able to deliver highly-innovative urban projects.

The GreenFeet ADU is a smart, net-zero carbon tiny home that sits on a true foundation right in the owner’s backyard (or desired property). It features a European style kitchen, convertible furniture, a built-in smart home system, stainless steel appliances, and an integrated solar power system. The solar power system is architecturally integrated into each GreenFeet ADU on a pitched/slanted roof. The solar panels are expertly laid out in order to offer a clean, contemporary look. And with solar, the ADU owner and dweller realizes additional savings.

The GreenFeet ADU is constructed so as to comply with local residential codes using prefab, factory-built engineering. It is shipped 97 percent complete and is then crane-lifted into the backyard. Thus, as cities in the US and Canada ease the restrictions on ADUs, they are now providing a solution to the shortage of affordable living options.

According to Jenna Hernandez, GreenFeet sales and marketing director, "The main goal of GreenFeet is to offer a viable solution to urban housing affordability for all classes, which is a problem that has been a burden for many cities. This is a solution that will not only change the landscape of the metropolitan areas but will also change them for the better."

Jenna also mentioned GreenFeet specializes in MicroCities which can be developed over two times faster and 35% to 50% lower in cost than conventionally developed projects of similar type and size. These are significant competitive advantages for disrupting a large nationwide housing construction market that’s essentially “done it the same way” for the last 80 years.

A key feature of GreenFeet’s technology that allows them to offer their MicroCity solution and ADUs is their modular construction method with their patent-protected Corelite Modular Frame. This is first fabricated in panel sections up to 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. These panels are unique in that they are made of metal stud framing that is sheathed on either side with 3/8 inch MgO board. Insulation is sandwiched between the vertical metal studs for a completely insulated envelope. Then, a square tube exterior rail with pre-punched bolt holes is made to run along the whole panel perimeter to provide a quick and simple panel-to-panel connectivity.

The Corelite Modular Frame panels are manufactured in a separate facility and then these are transported to the assembly line area where they are bolted together to produce the Corelite Modular Frame.

GreenFeet, Inc specializes in MicroCity developments such that the GreenFeet MicroCities are vertical urban communities with townhomes, high-rise condominiums, retail centers, hotels, entertainment complexes, learning centers, office space, and an abundance of parking space. Every MicroCity community that is built by GreenFeet includes 100 percent clean-energy powering and smart, digitally linked integration for zero carbon footprint development. Integrated into 15 to 25 acre parcels, the MicroCity developments use less land and are designed to provide people a place where they can affordably live, socialize, work, play, and even send their children to school, all in the same location. The company is also committed to the widespread use of solar energy.

Those who require more information about the GreenFeet ADUs and MicroCities can visit their website, or contact them by phone or via email. Jenna would also like to direct accredited investors to GreenFeet's investment offering. Accredited investors click here if they are interested in high annual returns, a purpose-driven company, and a business model that is disrupting a $13 Trillion dollar industry.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About GreenFeet, Inc:

GreenFeet, Inc is a purpose driven company that seeks to lower the cost of Urban housing worldwide and leave a net-zero carbon print on every project we deliver.

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Jenna Hernandez, Sales and Marketing Director
3260 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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