California Rehab Launches “Sober 2gether” Campaign to Help Couples Facing Addiction

July 01, 2019
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Anaheim, California - In an effort to address the unique challenges faced by couples suffering from substance abuse, the Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Anaheim, California has launched the “Sober 2gether” Couples Recovery Program.

“Sober 2gether” was designed to encourage couples to seek a life of sobriety and make them aware that it is possible to experience and enjoy a drug-free relationship with each other. The program is available at the Lighthouse to alleviate triggers that can lead back to alcohol or drug use couples usually have in their relationship.

According to Peter Davidson, President of the Lighthouse, the modification to the program was a response to the increasing demand from couples seeking recovery together. He said that while there are many programs targeted towards individual recovery, there are very few facilities offering a specialized treatment that will address the struggles of couples and the benefits of family counseling, while still focusing on individual treatment.

“The Lighthouse has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries regarding couple’s recovery. We realized that there is a need for focused treatment that includes a “significant other” if possible. The Lighthouse is offering a program recognizing that partners play a prominent role in each other’s recovery. We have a chance to set couples up for success with the best tools to take home after treatment,” Davidson said.

Substance abuse is just one of the many struggles American couples face today. One spouse suffering from addiction is tough enough, but when both partners are fighting the same addiction battles, the old communication habits can make it hard to maintain sobriety. Practicing a program of recovery with one's significant other is a wonderful change if set up correctly.

While in the recovery program, the couples are separated and treated individually, but they reside on the same campus. After an appropriate time, they are allowed to communicate with each other and see each other once a week. Joint therapy sessions are incorporated into their treatment plan as long as both parties consent to these sessions. The couples are also introduced to new and exciting sober activities they can enjoy together after leaving rehab.

These stipulations differentiate the program from those offered by other rehabs because while couples are physically separated most of the time, they still share the same experiences and go through the same process together. They are also encouraged to be a part of the same Alumni Program that supports former Lighthouse residents who are in recovery. More can be found at:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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