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Radionics Box Introduces New RAD 5 Orgone Radionic Device For Advanced Manifestation

July 01, 2019
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Radionics Box is launching the new RAD-5 orgone radionic device built with genuine Karl Welz orgonite. This new orgone radionics machine is a top of the line radionic workstation for both professionals and advanced users. It is designed to be used for standalone manifestation operations or in conjunction with the Super Manifestation Ultimate radionics software program.

"For the advanced manifestation operator and the seasoned radionics professional, the RAD 5 radionics device is the pinnacle of super orgonite technology. With its donut-shaped ring of heavy duty super orgonite and five independent orgone generators, the RAD 5 is a powerhouse beyond all other options in the marketplace. It was designed by Karl Welz, the inventor of orgonite and the orgone generator," says Mike DeVino, radionics trainer and distributor.

The RAD5 is the designed to be ultimate power workstation for the professional or hard core radionics master. The large ring made of Karl Welz’s genuine HSCTI Super Orgonite has 5 extremely powerful orgone generators. Each generator uses the entire ring as its orgonite body. This means that when all five generators are operating at different frequncies it has the equivalent output power of 5 rings. In addition there are audio input options for 2 channels allowing for 2 generators to be driven by an audio signal rather than the built in pulse generator. This allows the RAD5 to become a subliminal suggestion and affirmation powerhouse device. By routing affirmations in audio format to those channels a user can direct those affirmations via a transfer couple or any of the manifestation programs to a destination target thereby opening up incredible new manifestation possibilities.

"The RAD 5 is the super powered radionics machine that you have been dreaming of. With 5 massive orgone generators and a huger generator ring made of real Karl Welz super orgonite this is the professional radionic device with the power to handle any manifestation task," says

For more information about the RAD 5 orgone radionics machine, super manifestation radionic software and all other orgone radionics devices and accessories visit

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Radionics software Karl Welz radionic devices like RAD 2400 HD, RAD 5, Super Manifestation radionic softwares, orgonite and orgone generators. Now you can manifest your desires and control destiny using radionics manifestation technology!

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