Lab Tested Organic CBD Oil Manufacturer Explains How To Obtain The Best Products

July 03, 2019
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Alpha Therapeutics LLC, based in Phoenix, Arizona, recently published a new article where they outline some of the best practices to ensure one is purchasing the best organic CBD massage oil or other CBD based products. The article is one of the company's latest efforts to draw attention to this new product which has been proven to improve different areas of a patient's life.

Geof Dada, a spokesperson for Alpha Therapeutics, explains the importance of choosing a thoroughly tested product. He says, "Choosing one of these products is not just about how good of a product the manufacturer says it is. It is important to look out for lab testing for different aspects, as these will go into your body and could produce many negative side-effects. There are certain quality labels and testing badges to look out for. However, before making any decisions on a brand or product, it is advisable to do your own research into a company, and judge based on their experience."

The company explains that there are few CBD manufacturers who have the knowledge and experience to provide a range of high-quality products directly, since not many manage to pass through laboratory testing. An experienced company is able to change and develop a new product's formula at a moment's notice and adapt to the ever-changing market, responding to their customer's needs in a timely manner. Notably, this process can be polished and improved over the years. The private label CBD manufacturer explains that more experienced companies are able to fully develop, test, and launch a new product within a few months, without compromising the product's quality.

Dada asserts, "Our company has the knowledge and expertise that is necessary to develop the best formulas for any given product. We offer assistance to help identify the right mix of ingredients for your specific product. Our company can adjust sizes, labels, and testing requirements, without any risk of sacrificing the high manufacturing standards of the CBD products that we create."

This attention to quality has earned Alpha Therapeutics their reputation as one of the best CBD manufacturers in Phoenix, Arizona, if not the whole country. Despite the variety of CBD products being developed, Alpha Therapeutics is able to complete the most stringent certifications and tests for each of their marketed products. The company explains that their top notch facilities and highly qualified personnel are what enable them to maintain the quality of each newly developed product. This combination is also what makes Alpha Therapeutics a leading innovator among their peers.

"Certified laboratories, rigorous inspection, testing, and significant oversight of the plants’ growth standards are of prime importance to us and our clients," states Dada. He asserts that the company thoroughly inspects every step of the development process, including the growth of the plant source. He adds, "Customers choose us over our competitors due to our customer-centered process. We will go to unforeseen places, pioneering in areas where no other manufacturer dares to go, and we will do everything possible to deliver a product that fits our customer's needs and is on par with the quality of our other formulas. Each of our products is tested more than twice the number of times that our competitors’ products are, and we make sure to evaluate every aspect of our output in conjunction with a renowned independent laboratory."

Alpha Therapeutics considers it their mission to help expand the reach of CBD products throughout the whole country, making high quality CBD products more accessible to caregivers and patients alike. Dada affirms, "Ideally, in the near future, CBD oil will be used to treat a great number of ailments and conditions. As producers and distributors of these products, we know that they offer patients superior pain mitigation and pain management without the side effects that other medicines possess. We just have to convey how good of an alternative they are."

The lab tested organic CBD manufacturer invites all those interested to visit their website to learn more regarding the development of CBD products, including the testing and mass-production stages. Those who wish to purchase the company’s products, or follow up any inquiries, may contact Geoff Dada.


SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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