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July 01, 2019
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The Key Guys is a Minneapolis based automotive locksmith company that does not only offer excellent services but seeks to complement them with useful prevention tips and quick solutions to common problems that their customers encounter. Notably, this commitment to their community has earned them recognition as one of the best automotive locksmiths in the area.

"We publish these articles with the sole purpose of helping the community," asserts Bryan Nystrom, owner of The Key Guys. He continues, "Most of the content on our blog is preventive tips and news about new technology being developed in the automotive locksmithing industry. Since we believe in helping our customers above all else, we happily share this content for free, even if we miss out on some customers from time to time."

One of the most popular and useful resources on The Key Guys' blog is their Taking Care of Your Car Keys article. In it, the company goes over useful advice and tips on how to preserve a car key's integrity, based on their own experience in the field. For instance, the company recommends that car owners keep a spare key in a discreet, safe place where it cannot be accidentally damaged or lost. Ideally, this should also be a hidden location that only the owner is aware of, since car keys are some of the most commonly targeted items by house thieves.

Nystrom says, "If you get in the habit of leaving your keys in the open, you are asking for trouble. First, you run the risk of forgetting where you put them in the first place, which beats the purpose of having a spare. Secondly, they are susceptible to damage in an open space, as they could be dropped and stepped on, or worse. There is also the risk of thieves. Treat your keys as you would treat your wallet. For many of us, the money in our wallets is worth much less than our car is. This means that you take them out only if you really have to."

In situations where one cannot help but carry their keys with them, the company advises that owners consider keeping the keys attached to their belt with a keyring. This ensures that they have the keys on their person at all times, thereby keeping them safe. However, this exposes the keys to other risks, as the company explains that rain and extreme temperatures can also inflict damage on keys. The company states, "Hot or cold temperature, and rain, results in rusting, which can damage your keys and/or key fobs. A rusty key is more fragile and vulnerable to breaking whenever you exert pressure to turn in. Additionally, rain can render programmable keys completely useless."

If a key is presenting signs of rust, or malfunctioning, The Key Guys affirm that they are able to carry out car key repairs. They say, "We can clean and polish your keys, which should, in turn, extend their lifespan and make them work better. We also provide maintenance for programmable keys. Visit us, and we'll update you about the latest security features that could be added or programmed into your keys. This could also be a good time to get a duplicate car key while you are at it, just in case. Pay us a visit and we'll work something out for you, regardless of your needs."

This outstanding customer service is what earns The Key Guys their trusted reputation in the Minneapolis area, as they are the go-to locksmithing company for many residents. This is a fact that the local locksmiths take great pride in, and they assert that it highlights the success of their customer-centred business approach. The Key Guys’ excellence is further illustrated through their online Google review score, where they maintain a near-perfect rating of 4.9/5 Stars over 300 customer reviews.

Those looking for a reliable locksmith service in the Minneapolis area that is also able to remove stuck keys and provide replacements for lost ones may contact The Key Guys. The local locksmiths will repair broken keys and fix any related problems in the shortest time possible—at a competent market price. To read more of the Car Key Articles published by the company, interested parties may visit their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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