Twin Cities PC Repair Suggests Those Who Need a Computer Repair Let a Professional Handle It

July 01, 2019
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There is a temptation by many to try and do a computer repair themselves or a have a friend help them out when they have any type of computer problem. Those at Twin Cities PC Repair strongly advise against this. The reason for that is based on their own experiences. Their techs have observed that DIY computer repairs often create more problems than they solve.

Patrick Jensen, the owner of Twin Cities PC Repair talked about this a little bit more. He states, “Although people have good intentions when they try to repair their own computers or have someone help them out with that, it often can have disastrous consequences. That’s because there are so many things that can go wrong on a computer if someone does not know exactly what they are doing. We have seen everything from hard drive information being wiped out to hardware being fried after an amateur has tried to repair a computer. Many times, small problems that could have been easily corrected by a computer repair professional end up becoming more expensive and time-consuming repairs after someone has tried to resolve their computer problems on their own.”

Jensen mentions that when a professional computer technician does a repair they know how to proceed with caution. They start by backing up hard drives and doing whatever is necessary to safeguard important information and software before they attempt to do any type of computer repair.

He also mentioned that people tend not to look at their computers as an important investment. This is surprising to him with how much a person’s life centers on their computer and the valuable information that those devices have stored on them. Jensen stated that computer repair companies have pricing that is much more affordable than most people think and its money well spent protecting the investment they have in their computer.

Jensen also implied that by having a computer professional work on a computer problem it minimizes the downtime for any computer. He gave business computer repair problems as an example. Minimal downtime is important for business computers because companies often have problems functioning without this important business resource being available to them.

Having software installed by computer professionals is just as important as having an experienced tech doing someone’s computer repairs. A recent press release told about how those at Twin Cities PC Repair offer business software solutions too. Jensen cautions that just because most software programs can be installed with a few clicks of a mouse that does not guarantee that this new software has installed correctly. Computer techs will not only take steps to make sure new business software has installed correctly, but they will also test run newly installed software to verify that.

He also talked about the extensive training that computer repair professionals go through that makes them super-qualified to handle all types of computer repairs and software issues. It takes many hours undergoing specialized training and supplementing that with many more hours of hands-on experience to become a computer professional. Jensen said that most computer techs like theirs are also constantly updating their knowledge on the latest computer hardware and software to come into the computer marketplace.

Jensen wrapped things up by saying, “Fixing a computer isn’t always simple. Get expert help to preserve as much data as you can, and avoid expensive replacements as long as possible. Computer techs are your best computer repair solution because it’s all we do. You wouldn’t want to fly in a plane piloted by somebody that spent a few hours on a flight simulator program and it’s no different when it comes to having your computer worked on by an inexperienced person. So strongly resist that temptation and have a computer expert take care of your hardware and software problems.”

More information about the many different computer services that Twin Cities PC Repair offers can be found on their website. The website states they are very good at doing such things as laptop repair, desktop repair, software installation, and new hardware installation too. They also post many informational blogs on their website and such other places as

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