New Wellness Center Opens With Kava Bar And Yoga Spaces

June 26, 2019
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The CBD American Shaman + Kava Bar, based in Fayetteville, Arizona, is celebrating the success of their recent launch. Only a few weeks after their initial opening, the new center has received hundreds of clients from within the community, many of whom have said they enjoy the various amenities on offer.

Ranaga Farbiarz, a representative of the company, states, "We are very happy to welcome the Fayetteville community to our little space where they can relax and experience the atmosphere we have cultivated. Here, customers can fully enjoy our Kava Bar, where we serve CBD drinks and edibles, or visit one of our Yoga spaces where one of our instructors will guide them through a session. Our goal was to create a comfortable space that Fayetteville residents can attend whenever they need a break from the city, or just a change of atmosphere. We have already received a number of customers over the weeks following our opening, and we invite all those who are interested to come and experience our spaces for themselves!"

The center has already received their first few customer reviews on the Google platform. A review written by Sophie Cole asserts, "The atmosphere at CBD American Shaman is very inviting from the first moment you walk into the center. Great music playing all the time, calm lighting, plenty of tables that make for a great study area, and the friendliest service one can ask for make this wellness care center one of the best experiences one can find in the area. When it comes to their Kava bar, though the drinks are not cheap anywhere, they have managed to produce a competitive price that makes it worth it to have as a treat every week. Their CBD and Yoga studio is great, with some of the best instructors I have met so far. I would definitely anyone to stop by for all good vibes and service."

Through its website, the company outlines some of the benefits of using their products, which are catered towards improving certain areas of one's life through natural alternatives. Farbiarz states, "We have been continually researching and developing our methods to keep standards high and prices affordable. Our products are all natural, terpene concentrated, and high quality, with one of the fastest and more efficient body absorptions, ensuring that consumers experience results only a few days after having consumed our products."

CBD American Shaman affirms that their products are tested thoroughly using the latest technologies available to ensure their consumers’ safety. Each product is 100% Organic, Gluten Free, and does not use any heavy metals or insecticides during their production in order to eliminate any side effects that may come with these substances. Through these thorough procedures, CBD American Shaman ensures that their products are entirely safe to consume, while still maintaining all of the CBD benefits that customers expect.

The representatives of the new wellness center have also addressed some of the most common concerns people have when it comes to CBD products. They state that the issues mainly lies with a lack of knowledge of how CBD, or Cannabidiol, affects the body. "People often come to our center for orientation in this matter. They want to know how CBD works, and if it will have any negative effects on their body. It is due to the results shown by recent studies that CBD is now legal in many states throughout the United States,” states the company.

CBD American Shaman also asserts that CBD is one of the best, natural alternatives to traditional medicine. A CBD product can stop the body from absorbing anandamide, a compound associated with regulating pain, for instance. Therefore, a CBD compound can be used to increase the levels of anandamide in the bloodstream and reducing the amount of pain a person feels.

To learn more about CBD and its benefits, representatives of the company invite the community to contact their specialists, saying, "We will gladly explain the benefits and risks that CBD carries to anyone interested. They can either find us here, at our new wellness care center, or reach out through our website and we'll gladly answer any inquiries." Interested parties may also visit CBD American Shaman's website for a complete catalogue of their products, as well as their yoga class schedule.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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