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Holistic Dentist In Dallas Shares Summer Smile Tips

July 03, 2019
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A Dallas holisitc dentist office, recently shared some tips on keeping smiles summer worthy. The dental practice, which is based in Arlington, Texas, says that keeping teeth healthy during the summer is important, and a bit more difficult than many may believe.

A spokesperson for the dental practice says, “Many people indulge in things during summer that they normally do not during winter. Pineapple, citrus fruits and other foods can harm the teeth if they are not properly cared for, which is why it is important to know how to care for smiles during these hotter months.”

The dental facility regularly updates their website with information for patients on how to care for their smiles. Recent tips and articles include caring for smiles during summer, as well as using water that is free from contaminants and removing pesticides from fresh fruits and vegetables.

“That’s another thing that people need to be careful of,” says the representative for Pride Dental. “Fresh fruits and vegetables are of course good for the body, but the pesticides that can linger on them are not. Some of these can be very harmful to the teeth and gums, which is why it is imperative that patients thoroughly rinse these foods before ingesting them.”

Other tips offered by the dental practice include not forgetting to schedule that regular dental appointment. The office states that with vacations and other summer activities, many patients forgo their routine checkups and put them off until a later time. The representative for the practice says that this is never a good idea.

“Those teeth and gums still need to be properly cared for, even during summer,” she says. “This means that the regular dental appointment should be maintained during these months. We can work with patients to schedule their appointments around their vacations or other activities, but we do urge patients to keep their appointments as close as they can to their due dates to ward off any cavities or other issues that may arise.”

The dental practice invites all those in the Arlington area to visit their website to learn more about healthy summer smiles and other tips that they regularly offer. They state that their website is not only available for patients who need to schedule appointments, but also for those who need general dental care tips and tidbits.

The website includes a number of resources for patients, such as education on general dental care and various forms that patients can access when needed. The representative for the dental facility states that they are always on hand to answer any questions during their normal office hours and urges patients to contact them whenever needed.

The website also offers more information about their location and a map that helps patients to more easily find their office when they have a scheduled appointment. The dental office offers a number of patient services to help protect teeth and gums and works with all members of the family, from babies to grandparents.

The company states that they are proud to boast the most professional team of dentists and hygienists in the area and state that they offer a wide range of services including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, mercury removal, crowns, biological dentistry and more.

Those who are interested in learning more or in reading more of the tips and advice that the practice has for summer tooth and gum wellness can visit them on their website. The website offers a contact form for patients who wish to schedule an appointment, as well as information on what patients need for their first visit and other resources. Those who are interested can also use the contact information on the website to reach the dental practice directly by phone or email or visit them on their various social media platforms to connect on a more personal basis. The dental practice urges patients who have not had a checkup in quite some time to visit them online to schedule their dental exam today.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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