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June 25, 2019
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Dr. Judson Wall, a dentist operating at Bountiful, Utah based Dental Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce the dates for his July course on laser dentistry. This new course will give attendees insight into the benefits that laser dentistry can have when treating a variety of conditions. The course also explores the mechanism by which the procedure operates.

The renowned doctor explains that a laser procedure is especially useful when treating patients that suffer from sleep apnea, and snoring. He asserts, "Laser therapy can be a valuable part of a patient's treatment plan, as they can enjoy numerous benefits from this treatment without having to undergo surgery. We have helped many patients gain better quality of life by restoring healthy sleep patterns with laser therapy, as this non-invasive treatment is very effective for reducing the effects of sleep apnea and snoring."

The specialist explains that recent research showed that laser procedures are one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. He adds that laser dentistry is accomplished, “through Nightlase therapy, which is a patient-friendly laser treatment that renatures collagen. As collagen is restructured, it makes the airway bigger, therefore reducing the snoring—and its consequences, such as the patient's sleep apnea."

This topic will be explored in further detail in the upcoming course. Dr. Walls aims to teach attendees how they may adopt this innovative practice into their existing services, thereby helping to change many lives for the better. So far, studies of patient progress following the NightLase procedure has shown that most patients enjoy a significant improvement in their condition. These results can last up to a year, at which point the laser therapy can be repeated.

The procedure itself is performed over a six week period, with three separate non-invasive treatments. One of the main benefits of choosing a NightLase treatment over surgery is a higher success rate, as many patients have shown an improvement in their sleep apnea symptoms as early as a few weeks after the procedure is completed. It is also extremely comfortable for the patient—unlike surgery, which more often than not requires lengthy recuperation periods, and often necessitates the use of a sleeping device to further correct the condition. It is also safer than chemical treatments, since it is a gentle and effective way to restore healthy sleep patterns.

Dr. Wall has treated many patients with the NightLase procedure in his facility. Their lives were improved significantly once they were freed of the stress of erratic sleep patterns and insomnia. Joseph Cole, a patient who underwent this treatment, says, "I had been suffering from sleep apnea for a long time before I even knew what it was. It was ruining my life, as I barely got any sleep each night. My mood was getting significantly worse every day, as I felt more tired no matter how many hours of sleep I got. Even my wife was not getting enough rest due to my snoring, which stressed me out even more. Thankfully, I was recommended to visit Dr. Judson Wall for his NightLase treatment, and I have not looked back since. In the span of a few weeks, he managed to impact my life in a significant way, greatly improving my sleep patterns and, therefore, every other aspect of my life. I can't recommend Dr. Wall enough, as he truly managed to help me when I had lost all hope."

Dr. Judson Wall has been offering holistic dental services for more than 15 years. As part of his goal to spread awareness of the field of dentistry among the members of his community, the specialist recently discussed the nature of cavitations, describing the common causes of this condition as well as the procedures that can be done to address it. Those interested in learning more may visit the following link: What Are Cavitations.

For more information regarding Dental Solutions Inc. and Dr. Judson Wall's treatments, interested parties may visit the company's website. Furthermore, Dr. Wall invites all interested parties to attend his Laser In Holistic Dentistry course later this year, which will take place on July 26th-27th, covering the NightLase treatment as well as other procedures.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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