Lighthouse Treatment Center Now Offers the Innovative BioSound Therapy System for Pain and Anxiety Relief

June 20, 2019
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Anaheim, California – The Lighthouse, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Anaheim, California, has implemented the BioSound Therapy System into their residential treatment program. BioSound is an audio/visual system integrated into a memory foam vibrational platform bed that uses music synchronized with binaural beats and low frequency tones.

The purpose of the system is to provide relief from anxiety and pain as well as provide relaxation to clients experiencing a variety of emotional states that may be hindering their recovery. These include agitation, nervousness, depression, and restlessness, among others. Other benefits include decrease in stress levels, sleep improvement, and muscle tension reduction.

Chuck Richardson, the executive director of the Lighthouse, states, “The Lighthouse welcomes an extremely innovative tool to our program called BioSound Therapy. This state-of-the-art system will provide our clients with methods of reducing anxiety, guilt, fear, and trauma that is often associated with addiction and detoxification. BioSound will provide us with an additional tool to reduce cravings, achieve a state of calm receptiveness, and assist in crisis intervention.”

The BioSound Therapy works by having the client lay down on a lounge bed with built-in massage beds that can provide a relaxing vibrational massage. It starts with a few minutes of Biofeedback session that aims to teach clients some techniques to manage their own emotions. Music Therapy follows this process, putting clients in a soothing meditative state and then this segues to Guided Imagery to provide further positive reaffirmations.

Richardson adds that this helps to alleviate many of the barriers that are encountered during recovery and treatment from addiction. “Without a doubt, this system will provide benefits to our clients in ways we never imagined, and we feel fortunate to have such a tool at our facility,” says Richardson.

One of the highlights of this innovative tool is its ability to assist clients in achieving a relaxed state of mind and body. This means that this is not only helpful for people who are undergoing addiction treatment but also for anyone experiencing negative emotions. This is why the BioSound Therapy System has been made available to residents, alumni, and employees of the Lighthouse Treatment Center and its affiliates.

Another advantage of the BioSound System is to assist in long-term recovery. The combination of the low harmonic frequencies, vibration massage, therapeutic music, and guided imagery helps in developing mindfulness and awareness, which are both integral in achieving continuous sobriety.

Jocel Bibera, the alumni coordinator of the Lighthouse states, “Relaxation, meditation, and the ability to still your mind and calm the body is such an important part of the recovery process. The BioSound experience gives our clients an opportunity to settle their nerves, which in early recovery can be at an all-time high, so they are able to fully participate in their own treatment programs with a diminished sense of anxiety and fear.”

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