Twin Cities PC Repair Offers Hardware Update

June 14, 2019
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Twin Cities PC Repair would like to announce they now provide hardware updates meant to help increase the speed and productivity of their customers’ home or business systems. In addition to their software services, which the company announced in another article, these hardware updates will help ensure that each of their clients have the full benefit of the most efficient software running on the latest hardware.

Those looking to increase the speed of their computer system can install faster, more efficient parts. Hardware upgrades can also extend the lifespan of a computer. “When you purchased your new computer system, it may have been the latest and greatest, but six months later there came a computer that was better and faster on the market,” notes Twin Cities PC Repair. “We can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low cost upgrades to your existing computer.”

Perhaps the most common and simple way to increase the speed of one’s PC is to increase the RAM. Random Access Memory, or RAM, is used by the computer to perform functions and operations. More RAM allows a computer to perform more tasks at once—and perform them faster than would be possible with a smaller amount of RAM. Installing additional RAM, or replacing existing computer hardware with higher capacity hardware, can boost a computer’s performance by a great amount. It is also fairly easy to replace, especially on a desktop computer.

The hard drive is the main storage unit of any computer. It is where all the computer’s files are stored. A faster hard drive with more storage space allows the user to store more data, and allows for more efficient use of the computer as a whole since storage becomes less of an issue. Most laptops and desktop computers have modular hard drives which are easy to replace and it is even possible to install multiple hard drives for extra storage space. Twin Cities PC Repair helps those looking to upgrade their old hard drive do so by duplicating all the data on the old one and putting it onto a larger one, which is then installed into their current computer.

By upgrading the optical disk drive, a computer user can open up a world of new capabilities for their system. Optical drives are easy to install, and it is also possible to have multiple drives on one desktop computer—with one as the master drive and the second as a slave drive. Another relatively easy-to-replace piece of hardware, and an important part of any hardware update, is the processor. The processor has quite a large impact on the speed and performance of a laptop or desktop computer, and upgrading it can greatly increase the processing power (and thus the performance) of a computer.

For gaming enthusiasts, Twin Cities PC Repair also offers video card upgrades. For computers that need to handle heavy image processing, such as in video games and 3-dimensional rendering software, a powerful video card is an absolute necessity.

The computer repair company offers their standard hardware upgrade services during normal business hours, and can perform upgrades, updates, migration and conversions at the client’s location. Conveniently, Twin Cities PC Repair also offers service outside of normal business hours, including weekends.

Considered the ‘best place in town for responsive, reliable, friendly, and effective residential computer repair,’ Twin Cities PC Repair's highly trained technicians solve each of their client’s technology problems. They provide a high quality service and have received a number of positive reviews from past clients.

One review by David Jackson states, “I found TC PC repair online and I'm elated with the work and results on my dead HP desktop unit. I signed off one night and the next day my PC would not boot—and after a brief analysis, would never work again. Patrick stayed in constant contact, we replaced the hard drive, and TC PC Repair saved every folder, file, and program I had previously. Patrick walked me through the installation of Windows 10 that I had downloaded for free, and we made provisions with TC PC Repair to add their protective program and online help/repair capability. I was made aware of all costs prior to any work proceeding or the new Windows 10 (replacement) via the online ticket system. The ease of payment, constant updates and convenient location for pick-up are key reasons I'll recommend TC PC Repair to my colleagues in the future.”

For reliable PC repairs, software installation, and updates, contact Patrick Jensen of Twin Cities PC Repair. Interested parties may also connect with the company through their website and social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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