Mike Marko Publishes New Post on Tips to Save Money on Instagram Paid Ads

June 25, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just published a new post on Instagram marketing. He says that his post talks about tips on getting the best out of Instagram paid ads. In addition, he shares some effective ways to lessen Instagram paid ads cost in his post. Marko also states that business marketers can benefit from Instagram paid ads if they can just learn the proper way of using them.

According to Marko, many online business marketers are already using Instagram to provide them with useful information. Additionally, they use Instagram to reach their target audience. He mentions that Instagram ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional ads. However, Marko says that though ads in this platform are cheaper than ones on traditional media, Instagram can still have an impact on a business owner’s budget.

Marko says in this blog post that business owners can do a lot of things to save money in their Instagram marketing. He mentions that business owners should plan their Instagram paid ads with care, for example, in order to make sure every dollar they spend on advertising actually makes a difference. He further reminds business owners that an increase in sales and brand awareness can be achieved with the right advertisements. However, Marko argues that business owners should not spend all of their money on ads. They should just make practical marketing strategies to help preserve their cash flow.

That is the topic that Marko discusses in this post. He shares some answers for how to maximize Instagram for business with lower expenses. He states that a lot of business owners are not using Instagram because it has expensive ads when compared to other social networks. In spite of the high cost, Marko still claims Instagram ads worth trying because Instagram ads tend to get more engagement than other platforms. In addition, there are actually a lot of ways to save money on these ads.

Marko explains some of these ways of saving money on Instagram paid ads. The first thing that he mentions is using simple ad content. He says that users of Instagram will be likely to engage more with genuine content rather than the ones that are clearly advertisements. According to Marko, ad content that is simple and sincere makes audience feel they are interacting with a person rather than a robot or a business. This means that uncomplicated content gets more engagement.

Marko says that there will be a two-way connection between brand and consumer when the latter views simple content. He advises business owners to make sure that the post is interesting and not just a plain image, however. He further suggests creating content that has a targeted or defined audience.

Marko points out not that it’s unwise to immediately ask the audience to try the products or services that are offered. Doing this may cause the audience to lose interest quickly. Aside from that, Marko advises to avoid posting the same content repeatedly as this may also result in lost audience interest. Instead, Marko suggests to post a variety of content and make use of video.

“A video post can have a higher engagement rate than an image post,” Marko points out. He adds that business owners can get the attention of a target audience with less expense when using video. Marko says that the allowed length of videos on Instagram is just 60 seconds. Given that limit, he suggests to make sure that videos are straightforward and simple.

Another tip that Marko shares in his article is about being creative in making ads. He says that business owners have to consider this to avoid losing the interest of audiences and save money as well. He further advises marketers to avoid ad fatigue by trying different variations of content. According to Marko, many business fail on Instagram marketing because their audiences get tired of seeing the same ads.

Marko mentions that by creating various ads for each subgroup of their audience, marketers will know which ads work best for each audience subcategory. Upon knowing which ad gets more engagement, it should be given a priority in the advertising budget. Doing this can avoid paying for ads that are not working.

“Posting based on demographics can save money on Instagram paid ads,” Marko asserts. He says that business owners should make sure to determine if some audiences have lower advertising costs. They should be doing this by dividing the audience according to location, behavior, and interests.

Marko also mentions to keep track of relevance scores. He argues that keeping track of it is also one way to save money on Instagram paid ads. He mentions that this will prevent business marketers from posting ads that are not working well with their target audience. Marko states that the relevance score is based on the results of advertising.

One more tip that Marko shares in his article is about using dedicated landing pages. He advises business owners to make sure they are using dedicated landing pages. He further advises to determine what happens once consumers click on Instagram ads. The landing page may be a page where users can buy products and use services.

Marko also mentions that business owners should remember to avoid sending people to their homepage since it can drive them away. He says that people prefer businesses that will give them specific solutions for their needs.

Marko says that those who require expert assistance in using Instagram paid ads can contact him or his firm, IM Consultant Services. Marko has undergone extensive training in online marketing and has years of experience in the field. He says that those who want more information about his services can visit the IM Consultant Services website or call them by phone.

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