Mike Marko Publishes Blog on How to Promote Business on Facebook

June 21, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, has published a new blog that provides easy steps to promote business on Facebook. He begins by informing his readers that Facebook is the most powerful social media platform as of now. Because of this, it's easy to promote business on Facebook and reach a target audience. To promote business on Facebook also means establishing a direct line of communication with one’s audience in order to build brand awareness. However, Marko points out that simply having a presence on the platform can't effectively promote business on Facebook. This is why he offers ways to actually promote business on Facebook properly.

"Social media platforms can come and go, but Facebook will definitely stay relevant for a very long time," says Marko. "Because of this, using Facebook for business and aiming to promote business on Facebook is actually a very good idea to boost your company. This is mostly because Facebook is very influential as well as widely used. To promote business on Facebook can positively influence your target audience into completing sales or engaging with your brand more."

To start things off, Marko talks about creating an account to promote business on Facebook. An account is important to promote business on Facebook because that account will be the foundation for any business marketing. However, Marko points out that personal accounts can't be directly used to promote business on Facebook. What a business actually needs is a Facebook business page. With that, a business can easily interact with their audience and publish business-related content. Facebook business pages also have special tools and features that help with business marketing on Facebook. Therefore, Marko advises his readers to make sure that their business page correctly reflects their brand.

After the creation of a business page, the next step to promote business on Facebook is to publish content. Without high-quality content, a business can't effectively promote business on Facebook. Marko asserts that producing great content is crucial to Facebook marketing. Using it, engagement can be easily encouraged and an audience will be more likely to interact with the brand.

With a business page and great content, an online following can be created to promote business on Facebook even more. Without an online following, any content will be rendered useless. Luckily, there's a business page tool that can help businesses to build an audience. That said, promoting a business on Facebook also requires traditional marketing techniques such as sharing a page's URL.

But according to Marko, there’s little use in having an online following if a business doesn't interact with it. So in order to effectively promote on Facebook, a business should be ready to engage with its audience in order to sustain visibility and engagement. Even actions as simple as replying to comments and private messages in a timely matter can be a great help to promote business on Facebook.

Next, if a business is still in need of followers, it can use friends of fans to leverage word-of-mouth to promote business on Facebook. This is done when a follower shares business content that will be seen by their friends. Marko claims that this is a marketing technique that has a good chance of engagement.

Next, Marko talks about how businesses should also try using Facebook ads in order to promote business on Facebook. These ads can reach a wider range of audiences and can be managed to target specific users that fit a business's buyer persona. A business can even review the performance of their Facebook ads in order to improve them in the future.

Lastly, Marko encourages his readers to hire additional employees to promote business on Facebook. Managing social media pages can be a full-time job and can be done more effectively when a business has proper help and extra hands. Therefore, additional employees can help a business page avoid becoming stagnant. They can even stand in as customer service employees for continued business promotion on Facebook.

Marko has published a large number of other blog posts that talk about how to promote business on Facebook and how to use Facebook for business. Moreover, he and his team at IM Consultant Services offer other services that can aid business owners who are struggling to grow their brands. If a small business owner struggles with his marketing strategy, Marko and his team can set one up for him. If a business owner has trouble with other marketing aspects, such as social media managing or SEO content creation, Marko and his team can also lend a helping hand.

If a business owner still wants to read more business tips, Marko encourages them to frequently visit his website and blog. According to him, he regularly posts articles that can help business owners struggling to manage their own digital marketing. He also points out that those in need of specific advice can not only get in touch with him for a consultation but also leave comments on his blog, where he answers queries from business owners in need.

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