New SMM Training With Neuromarketing And Hypnotherapy Techniques Launched

June 10, 2019
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Derry, Northern Ireland based Stephen McGill of Globalize is delighted to announce the launch of their unique neuromarketing and hypnotherapy training for Social Media Marketing (SMM). The company provides a variety of unique digital marketing services to help businesses gain attention, and convert visits to company websites into sales. “My marketing training provides unique insights on how to correctly use Neuromarketing as a unique way of marketing to customers. Few companies are exploiting these techniques well, leaving them at a disadvantage in the very competitive online arena. Fusing hypnotherapy with Neuromarketing through my marketing training can enable any organisation to excel globally,” stated owner Stephen McGill.

Globalize specialises in social media marketing, email marketing, and e-commerce advertising, and have developed a range of training packages which include post-training consultation and everything that even those who are new to online sales would need to hit the ground running. Through their training, clients learn the precise strategies that the company uses to generate results—which will also work for their clients. From start-up entrepreneurs to experienced marketing managers who seek to bring their skills up to date on the latest marketing tools and trends, the training will help focus and revive the energy they need to excel.

Companies have been using eye tracking for over a decade to measure ad efficiency, such as in finding out what attracts a visitor to click through targeted pathways and make a purchase. Marketing has become even more scientific with the application of neuroscience to predict sales through the use of fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to measure brain activity. In other words, neuromarketing helps detect changes associated with blood flow which motivate calls to action. A recent article by Bryn Farnsworthy, ‘15 Power Examples of Neuromarketing in Action,’ which can be found at, provides useful background into the ways that neuromarketing is currently being utilised by some companies.

Stephen McGill continued, “We can effectively help someone just getting started, or a company that is relaunching, by designing their website from the ground up to target these new techniques. We also have offerings to help those without the time or skills to create social media posts on an ongoing basis that suits their schedule. This frees them to focus on the delivery and services to their customers.” The company provides a range of marketing systems, including funnels and chatbots, which help their clients turn visitors into customers through the personalisation and social media engagement now expected.

Building and honing an effective chatbot automation tool with natural language patterns using everyday language, and conversational hypnosis to emotionally connect customers with ideal products, is one of the unique offerings which Globalize can provide for their customers. The company also provides marketing training as a white label offering for other agencies, so it makes sense to go straight to the experts at Globalize to tailor this for specific purposes.

Those interested in neuromarketing may have heard of Roger Dooley, who publishes extensively. Through his blog, at, he and guest bloggers help educate marketers. One such blog post by Christophe Morin, titled ‘What can persuasion science tell you about the effect of your messages on the brain?’ outlines no fewer than seven ways to trigger buying decisions.

Putting all of this into practice take time, often more time than most business executives have. Therefore, getting the best possible training for themselves and their staff can put them on the fast track for excellence. Those looking for more support will be pleased to learn that Globalize can create the great social presence and conversation that clients’ customers seek, deploying their years of experience to provide measurable results. This helps their clients reach more potential customers, using everyday language to create demand and responses for the perfect engagement.

Thanks to their advanced neuromarketing techniques combined with hypnotherapy, Globalize is at the forefront of helping start-ups, small businesses, and large organisations learn and deploy useful, and powerful, tools and solutions to reach out to a greater number of prospective customers both online and offline. Their services help businesses market their products and services more effectively online, and use targeted social media posts and promotions to help boost website traffic overall, turning visitors into customers.

To contact Globalize for their marketing courses, social media management, and other services, clients may send them a message directly from their website, at, and connect with them through their social media channels. They may also contact Stephen McGill of Globalize to learn more about the company and its resources.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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