Arizona Company Now Allowing Customers To Buy Organic CBD Massage Oil Online

May 29, 2019
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Scottsdale, Arizona based Alpha Therapeutics LLC has invited the community to browse and buy Organic CBD Massage Oil online. They may use CBD oil to help improve the effectiveness of therapeutic massages.

The company emphasizes that, when giving a massage to someone else, there are certain ways to improve the experience of the person receiving said massage. One of the best methods to achieve this is via the use of different types of essential oils. More specifically, a CBD Massage Oil will help improve the way the person feels, simultaneously relieving their pain and making them feel more comfortable.

"While a traditional massage can naturally relieve pain and reduce stress, these effects can be amplified with the use of essential oils. Therefore, the therapeutic effect that this method of treatment can have on a person is much more effective, and it can result in having to attend fewer sessions,” explains a specialist at Alpha Therapeutics LLC. "This is greatly beneficial for massage therapists, as they can ensure that their clients are having the best experience possible while they are receiving massage treatments. This ultimately results in the patient preferring to come back in the future as they will feel a deeper connection with the practitioner."

Alpha Therapeutics LLC states that the use of CBD massage oil has been proven to improve a person’s mental and physical health. Given that the purpose of a therapeutic massage is to help a patient rest while reducing some of their pain, the company asserts that it is sensible to consider using one of their massage oils to achieve this objective more easily.

Geoff Dada, founder of Alpha Therapeutics, says, "Some people may come to a massage therapist because they are dealing with unbearable back pain or joint pain, but others will come to them because they feel stressed. It has been proven that during stressful times, when the body is not able to rest well, they start showing symptoms of different ailments, even though all they need is to take the time to rest and relax. By providing a service where the therapist is able to create a relaxing atmosphere, they can elevate the quality of the service provided, helping a patient on a deeper level. This will ease their physical pain and, with the help of different oils, it will also positively affect their mood."

The specialists complement their CBD massage oil products with their CBD Healing Balms, which are applied topically. Alpha Therapeutics LLC notes that this, "solution is to be applied at site and or nerve distribution to provide relief in different ailments, including acute pain, compression fracture pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia, post-herpetic neuralgia, diabetic, or other peripheral neuropathy."

Alpha Therapeutics considers it their mission to create awareness among massage therapists, who usually tend to focus solely on the physical aspects of a patient's treatment. The company strives to ensure that their product reaches as many practitioners as possible, therefore improving the experience of countless patients in the massage therapy market.

Furthermore, the company offers peer mentorship to any of their clinical affiliates as needed, with the purpose of maximizing the positive effects that they have when guiding their patients. "With our dedication to producing a verifiably Federally Legal, THC free, and content proven product, we are able to create the safest place for the clinician and their patients to try CBD if it may be required for their individual medical challenges," states the company.

A review written by a customer who tried one of Alpha Therapeutic LLC's products says, "CBD Transderm helped me recover from knee strain. I was skeptical at first, but my therapist recommended it and I decided I should try it at least once. This eased the pain almost immediately, and I healed completely within a couple of days. In no time, I was finally able to start training again, after a long couple of months. I highly recommend it for muscle and ligament damage as it has helped me immensely."

Those looking for an Organic CBD Manufacturer that offers their products online may contact Geoff Dada of Alpha Therapeutic LLC. They may also visit the company's website to view a full catalog of their services.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Manufacturer of CBD oil and healing balms. Our CBD oil tinctures and healing balms utilize organic, fair trade raw materials that are triplicate tested to ensure exceptional product quality for superior pain mitigation and pain management benefits.

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