Law Offices Of Parente & Norem Offer Personal Injury Law Services In Chicago, IL

May 28, 2019
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The Chicago, IL based Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C., a civil litigation and trial frim, works with clients of all ages and backgrounds who have been the victim of wrongful death or personal injury. Not only does Parente & Norem fully recognize the financial burden a physical injury can have on an individual, but they also acknowledge that their clients may need compensation for any emotional losses as well. The partners at the law firm understand both the immediate and indirect effects that an injury, accident, or wrongful death can have on their clients and their clients’ loved ones.

Parente & Norem takes great pride in the attention and effort they put into every legal case they recieve. Each client at Parente & Norem benefits from a positive relationship between themselves and their legal representation. This relationship not only allows their lawyer to fully understand all the details of the situation at hand, but it also forges a level of trust between the client and their legal team. To further make each client feel comfortable with the quality of legal representation they receive, the firm's partners intentionally keep the number of cases they take on at any given time at a minimum. This provides the lawyers the time needed to build a strong case for their client. It also lets the client keep the same legal defence from the initial consultation all the way through to the trial.

Individuals who have experienced almost any type of personal injury can take their claim to trial with Parente & Norem thanks to the firm’s diverse areas of practice and legal expertise. The firm can handle cases involving construction site injuries, medical negligence, transportation injuries, work-related accidents, asbestos exposure, wrongful death, and much more. Stemming from many years of litigation and trial expertise, Parente & Norem’s law team has built a strong rapport with local experts and investigators. This means that each client can expect to have witnesses and testimonials from professionals in many fields, such as safety experts, human factor experts, economical experts, medical experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, and so on. These testimonials can completely change the course of a claim in court by fully explaining the effects of any injuries, how an accident should have been avoided by the defendant, and why compensation is necessary.

Along with utilizing experts from their vast professional network, Parente & Norem’s legal team have a wealth of experience in providing the court adequate and clear evidence on behalf of their client. Notably, many situations that result in personal injuries, accidents, or wrongful deaths can be difficult to describe concisely to others. In these cases Parente & Norem’s lawyers often utilize photos, 3D and digital models, drawings, and videos as evidence. Clients who choose Parente & Norem can expect their lawyer to come to court equipped with evidence that is simultaneously undeniable and incredibly coherent.

Individuals who are currently looking for legal representation for any kind of personal or workplace injury have the option to view past cases taken on by the law firm. This extensive list can be found posted on the Parente & Norem website. The list describes both the defending and prosecuting parties, the circumstances that led to the injury, and the amount of compensation that the firm’s client received. While making past cases available to the public is a great way for the law firm to showcase how successful they are in court, it also allows potential clients to see if their claim is similar to the ones that Parente & Norem typically take on. Potential clients who have claims that are like the ones the firm publish on their website are highly encouraged by the firm to contact them for a free case evaluation and consultation.

To learn more about the services that Parente & Norem offer their clients, contact Sal Terracciano or visit the legal firm’s website. The website has all the necessary contact information that interested individuals can use to schedule a free initial case evaluation. The phone number and driving directions to the firm’s Chicago office can also be found on the homepage.

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About Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C.:

The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C. is a plaintiff’s personal injury that has recovered over $300 million dollars for victims and their families.

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