Facebook's New Ad Policy Not Necessarily a Win for Privacy, Augusto Beato Says

May 21, 2019
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Portland SEO's Augusto Beato lauded Facebook's move to stop tracking their users' activities on other sites and terms it as a possible win for privacy.

Beato based his statement on Facebook's announcement to introduce a "clear history" tool that lets users delete off-site activity used by advertisers in targeting ad campaigns.

The result is that when a user disconnects their off-Facebook activity, the data won't be used for targeting ads. Consequently, business tools by the social media company such as the Facebook pixel can't be utilized to reach someone with ads.

The Facebook pixel tracks users' off-Facebook searches and uses the information gained in displaying ads to them on Facebook.

"With the kind of advertising activity being done at Facebook, people do not doubt that someone is monitoring our use of the Internet," said Beato, a digital marketing expert and CEO of Portland SEO. "Until we see a disconnect between our online searches and Facebook ads, people could not help but feel violated and this may impact their decision of purchasing the said products from the advertisers."

Beato pointed out that while Facebook users will welcome the change in Facebook's behavior, it is no assurance that it is not following its users' activities online.

"We will finally see the end of a cycle of seeing ads of products that we have looked upon at such sites as Target or Amazon appearing in our Facebook feed," notes Beato. "But Facebook needs to do more to assure users that their online activities remain private."

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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