Bio Clean of Utah Discusses Importance of Mold Testing in Ogden

May 23, 2019
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Bio Clean of Utah recently took the time to discuss the importance of mold testing Ogden Utah and what consumers need to look for with regards to mold growth in their homes. The company provides mold testing and removal throughout the state.

Daryl Olsen, president of the company says, “We wanted to take the time to educate people on the dangers of mold and what they can do to ensure that they, their families and their coworkers remain safe.”

Mold can cause a number of health issues, including nasal congestion, throat irritation, chronic cough, irritation in and around the eyes and skin irritation. Those who have allergies to mold could have very severe reactions if and when they are around mold that has begun growing in a structure. Olsen says that protecting oneself from the dangers of mold is as simple as scheduling a test.

“We provide thorough mold testing and inspection,” says Olsen. “Testing is really the only way to determine what kind of mold we are dealing with, and if and when mold is found, our team can get to work right away removing it safely and effectively.”

Olsen says that once the company has performed their inspection, they will begin to put together an action plan for removing any mold that has been found. He adds that the plan will include short and long term concerns for mold growth so that the team knows exactly what they need to do in order to remove the mold and prevent future growth.

Bio Clean of Utah has many years of experience in the removal and eradication of mold. Olsen says that any homeowner that has experienced water leaks from pipes or from a leaky roof should contact the company to schedule mold testing. He adds that mold can begin growing in places that are unseen by the naked eye, which is why professional testing is best. Most consumers will not notice mold growth in their homes until this growth has begun to worsen. Olsen adds that the company can test for mold and remove it before it gets out of hand.

Mold testing, Olsen adds, is the starting point for keeping families safe from this dangerous growth. He adds that everyone on his team is experienced in the safe and effective removal of many types of mold. For those who are unsure of what can cause the growth of mold in a home or business, Olsen states that any dampness that has affected the structure could prompt the growth of mold.

Homes that have been damaged in a storm, when that damage includes any water getting inside the structure, could be at risk, as could those that have had leaky or burst pipes under the home or inside walls. Olsen states that the company uses a number of devices and meters to detect the presence of mold, including their many years of experience in the industry.

Olsen adds that it is never advised that a homeowner try to inspect their own property for mold. Mold produces spores that when disturbed, could get into the air which can be dangerous to breath. Olsen states that these pores are often undetected by the naked eye, which is why hiring a professional for testing and mold removal is the safest way to proceed.

Bio Clean of Utah has been in business for a number of years, winning the 2018 Expertise Award for Best Damage Restoration Companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company states that they have a staff of highly professional and experienced technicians who can help to ensure that the existence of mold is found and that the mold is safely eradicated.

Those who would like to learn more can visit the company on their official website for more information about mold and where and why it can begin to grow. Those in need of professional mold testing can contact the company through their website or directly by phone or email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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