Dependable Homebuyers Proposes Alternative to Reverse Mortgage in Washington D.C.

May 20, 2019
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Dependable Homebuyers announced a new policy of buying houses from elderly homeowners who qualify for reverse mortgage. The new policy has come into effect in Washington D.C., empowering older homeowners to capitalize on the equity value of their properties without having to move out. They can sell their houses and yet continue to stay as tenants. The policy has been designed on the principles of the concept that reverse mortgage is based on but the return is more rewarding and the process is much more simplified.

Reverse mortgage is not available everywhere in the country. Not all older or elderly homeowners qualify for reverse mortgage. Regardless of eligibility and eventual approval, homeowners consider reverse mortgage so they can get access to a fund equivalent to the value of their property but they do not wish to move out. Read the recent press release they published. Reverse mortgage enables such homeowners to pay a monthly installment till such time they reside at the address. The mortgage provider eventually takes possession of the house. Dependable Homebuyers has a better proposition. Owners can get access to the fund equivalent to the value of the property. This value is assessed after extensive consideration of all merits and demerits of the property along with factoring in the market conditions. The fair value is paid as a onetime cash payment. There is no installment. Dependable Homebuyers becomes the owner of the house but the seller can stay there as a tenant and pay monthly rent.

Evan Roberts, the owner and founder of the We Buy Houses company, has said that owners will be able to secure a net profit by selling and can also be relieved of the responsibilities such as repairs. Older homes often require extensive repairs. Dependable Homebuyers will not only pay for any repair that is necessary now but also those that might be required in the future. Owners turned sellers can hence save money on such repairs. The sale too has its advantages. Owners do not have to pay any service fees or charges for the sale. The closing cost is also absorbed by the buyer. Dependable Homebuyers has a nonobligatory offer for every property that meets their buying criteria. There are no stringent conditions as many banks and reverse mortgage companies enforce while assessing applications.

Homeowners who may or may not qualify for reverse mortgage will also benefit with an expedited sale process. Dependable Homebuyers can inspect the property within a day or two of being contacted. They take twenty four hours to prepare a cash offer. This nonobligatory purchase offer can be accepted by the owner at any point in time. Those who need immediate cash can accept the proposition straightaway and the sale can be completed in a week. The real estate investment firm will rope in a local title company to transfer the ownership. Owners and sellers get paid in cash within seven business days. Homeowners do not pay anything to Dependable Homebuyers for the sale. If they choose to continue residing at the place, then their only obligation is the rent. Visit to easily get a schedule and an offer.

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