Chiropractor In West Los Angeles Launches New Website

May 17, 2019
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Los Angeles, California-based Active Body Chiro-Care recently launched its new website, inviting the community to visit and learn more about their holistic healing services.

The website was taken online under the premise of providing a platform for patients to find every resource that they may need, condensed into one site for easy access. The company's goals for their new website were to develop a platform that is comprehensive and easy to use, without having to compromise any aspect of the website's appearance. The result is an online resource that showcases Active Body Chiro-Care's commitment towards helping the community.

A representative of the center described the decision process that led up to the website’s creation, saying, "We wanted to develop a website that shows Active Body Chiro-Care's commitment to excellence—where visitors can discover different tools and resources to determine if our company is able to cater to their needs. We especially wanted a platform that users of all ages would find easy to navigate through."

Some of the features that one can find on the website of this Chiropractor in West Los Angeles include a New Patient Form, which can be used to speed up the process of a client’s first visit to the care facility. For these new patients, Active Body Chiro-Care has created an entire section dedicated to guiding their first visit. This includes a brief outlining what can be expected during first contact with the company's specialist, Dr. James Hogan, as well as an extensive description of the whole process that patients will go through until their treatment is complete.

Dr. Hogan described the procedure that new patients go through, saying, "Provided that the new patient has filled the corresponding form, we will proceed to have our initial consultation. In this first contact, we will discuss the patient's condition, concerns, and will look at possible treatment options. Next, we would perform a complete chiropractic examination where we will test the patient's flexibility and reflexes in different areas relevant to the patient's conditions. Lastly, once the relevant information is collected, we will provide the patient with a detailed report of all findings and proceed to discuss further treatment. We will answer any questions regarding the treatment that a patient may need, including the frequency of future visits and treatment costs."

By supporting full transparency regarding the processes and treatments that patients undergo, Active Body Chiro-Care hopes to reduce their patients’ anxiety before their first visit, as stress can make their condition worse. Conscientious business and treatment practices such as this make the center an easy favourite for patients looking for a full body chiropractic in Westwood.

Through the review website Yelp, former patient Matthew S. referred to the services provided by Active Body Chiro-Care as, "Highly capable, personable, enthusiastic, and committed, representing the pinnacle of chiropractic treatment." He continued, "I've been going to chiropractors for close to 25 years now, and I've not found any place that provides a service as complete as Active Body Chiro-Care does. I very earnestly give them the highest recommendation."

Another patient, satisfied with the treatment given at the chiropractic care facility, wrote, "Just a few visits after the initial appointment with Dr. Hogan, I was once again doing activities that I thought I would never be able to do again. The treatment that was given by Dr. Hogan really changed my life, and I can't thank him enough for allowing me to do all of the things I love once again."

Active Body Chiro-Care provides its top-notch service to a number of communities, including West Hollywood, South West, and Westwood. They are also a well known holistic chiropractor in Santa Monica, and frequently enjoy positive feedback from their patients.

For more information on the chiropractic care facility, one may contact Dr. James Hogan of Active Body Chiro-Care. Interested parties may also visit the company's website, where they may request an initial appointment for an examination. Furthermore, patients may stay connected with the company through their social media channels to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Active Body Chiro-Care:

Dr. James Hogan is a licensed Chiropractor serving the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hawthorne community. Dr. James Hogan works with patients of all ages and physical abilities, including professional athletes.

Contact Active Body Chiro-Care:

Dr. James Hogan
10960 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 699-9299

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