North Carolina Company Releases Shakes For Menopause Relief

May 14, 2019
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Revival Products Inc., a Kernersville, North Carolina company, has announced that they have a new product. The company’s shakes for menopause relief are now available for purchase directly through the company.

Suzanne Tabor, a representative for the company says, “These shakes have been scientifically designed to help women to deal with night sweats and other symptoms of menopause.”

Statistics show that in the United States alone, more than one million women are expected to enter into menopause each year. During the transition into menopause, many women begin to experience irregular menstrual cycles and can have symptoms that include fatigue, loss of sleep, irritability, hot flashes, night sweats and others. While the average age for reaching menopause is around 50 years old, many women reach this point much earlier due to required hysterectomies and certain genetic factors. Many women may enter into perimenopause, the period between regular cycling and menopause, and remain in the transition for more than five years.

“It can be a long, drawn out process,” says Tabor. “And the symptoms can be overwhelming. Women need to understand that living with menopause is something that their grandmothers did, but not something that they have to do. There are ways to overcome these symptoms and make life more enjoyable and menopause more tolerable.”

Revival Products also provides various soy products for weight loss, something that Tabor says will also benefit women who are transitioning into menopause. Studies show that women in menopause have a much more difficult time losing weight, and in fact, many women gain weight due to the imbalance of hormones in their bodies. Tabor states that the company’s products can help women to avoid the weight gain that can be a symptom of menopause and help those who are already in menopause to lose weight more easily.

Scientists began studying the effect of soy on reducing hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms years ago, when it became evident that many women living in Asia did not experience significant symptoms of menopause. Studies reveal that only about 20 percent or less of women in Asia have hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause and the studies suggest that this is due to the diet being rich in soy products.

In strong contrast, up to 90 percent of women in the Western region of the world experience often harsh symptoms of menopause. Research in the past two decades shows that soy can have a significant effect on the mild discomforts that have been associated with this change in life.

The company provides soy weight loss additives for water that can easily be dropped into a bottle of water and drunk throughout the day. Tabor states that one reason that many women are not using a regimented program is because some of the products that are available are inconvenient to use.

“Women who have to take pills every day tend to forget to take them,” says Tabor. “Not only that, but taking pills is something that many women just do not want to do. But if they are drinking water throughout the day, which is highly recommended, then an additive to give that water more flavor and the added benefit of soy is a great way to stay ahead of those symptoms.”

Tabor says that studies recently compared the effects of a soy shake on menopausal women in Brazil. Half of the women were given a soy shake while the other half were given a placebo. The soy shake was given twice per day and the results showed significant decreases in the hot flashes and other discomforts in women who were taking the soy supplement as opposed to the placebo.

Tabor says that this new study continues to show the benefits of soy for women who suffer from menopausal symptoms. She adds that anyone considering a soy replacement should check with her doctor, but says that they have seen significant results from their studies. Those who are interested in learning more about these products and their effects on menopause symptoms can visit the company online.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Revival Products Inc.:

Revival Soy is a brand of soy food and supplement products that help with many elements in health and fitness including the menopausal transition.

Contact Revival Products Inc.:

Suzanne Tabor
200 Peddycord Park Ct, Kernersville, NC 27284

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