Contractor License Classes Now Being Offered In Los Angeles

May 14, 2019
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Contractors State Licensing Center in Burbank, California recently announced that they are offering contractor license classes in Los Angeles. The company provides classes that help contractors to prepare for and pass their required state examinations.

Eric Jacobs, a representative for the school says, “It is important that anyone who is considering working as a contractor in California take these classes in order to prepare for their testing. Without a license, contractors in the state are unable to take on a number of jobs.”

California law currently states that any company that does building work and charges more than $500 in fees for that work is required to have a state contractor license. Jacobs states that this encompasses most of the contractors who currently work in the state.

“Doing these jobs without a license is against the law, plain and simple,” Jacobs says. “Not only that, but a licensed contractor is much more likely to retain jobs than someone who is not licensed. People tend to trust a licensed company more than they do one that is not licensed.”

Jacobs says that the contractors license school in Los Angeles helps those in the industry to prepare for the test that will ultimately provide them with their state license. In order to receive a license, contractors must take and pass the test that is administered by the California Contractor State Licensing Board. Jacobs adds that the test can be challenging and preparing for it is the only way to ensure that one passes the exam.

The state exam contains two tests. Those who wish to receive their license are required to pass both the standard law and business examination, as well as a second exam that will cover the specific certification or trade area for which they wish to apply.

Testing is multiple choice, but Jacobs says that this does not make the examination easier. He adds that the legal portion of the test generally contains around 125 questions. The specialty or trade section of the exam will depend on the specific classification. On average, he states that contractors should expect anywhere from 80 to 125 questions on this section, as well. In order to successfully pass the examination and receive a contractors license, applicants must answer at least 73 percent of all questions correctly.

Jacobs says that the California contractors home study courses can help applicants to significantly increase their chances of passing the examination and receiving their state license. Once the courses have been completed, contractors can then take the test that is administered by the state in order to obtain contractor work. Jacobs states that the test is not easy and that many contractors require some form of assistance in order to pass.

The school has been providing courses for contractors in California for more than 25 years and Jacobs states that these courses have helped numerous contractors to successfully pass the difficult exam, receive their license and get work in California as a contractor. He states that while there have been contractors who have successfully passed the examination without the assistance of a study course, these are few and far between.

“I just don’t think people realize how utterly complicated and difficult this test is,” Jacobs adds. “Being prepared is the only way to know that one is going to pass, and our courses can help with that preparation.”

Jacobs says that although the test can be taken over and over as needed, the cost of taking the examination multiple times can be significant. He states that a more affordable and less worrisome way is to simply prepare through coursework before taking the exam in the first place.

Those who would like to learn more about the contractor licensing courses can visit the school on their official website to get a breakdown of what each course covers, the cost, and the timeline for taking the courses. Jacobs states that anyone with questions can read through their online content or contact the company through their website or by phone or email to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Contractors State License Center:

The California contractor license exam is challenging and most people need some outside assistance or study material in order to pass it. Contractors State License Center has been a contractor school in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

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