Minneapolis Company Offers To Fix Car Keys And Remove Broken Ones From Tight Spaces

May 16, 2019
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Minneapolis based company The Key Guys are pleased to invite new customers to check out their car key fixing and replacement services.

Known primarily for their car key replacement services, they have built up a reputation as the top key replacement company in the area. In addition to providing replacements for lost keys, The Key Guys remove broken car keys from a variety of tight spaces for their clients, including car ignitions and doors. A broken off key not only poses an inconvenience by leaving the owner without a key, it can also make it impossible to operate a vehicle, even if a spare key is available. The Key Guys not only provide a spare key when it is needed but also have the tools needed to remove broken keys quickly and efficiently while also charging less than most dealers in the area.

The Key Guys are an award winning company that has provided locksmith services all across Minneapolis. With over twenty years of experience, the company has managed to not only gain experience and create a strong reputation for itself but also, over the years, build up a collection of tools and resources to deal with any situation that could possibly arise in Minneapolis. “We’ve been serving the Twin Cities since 1988 and we can’t wait to serve you,” says the company through their website.

Working with a number of auto dealers in the area, The Key Guys can easily replace car keys under in a variety of conditions. In case of a damaged or lost key, having a new key made is as easy as contacting The Key Guys and waiting for them to send one of their many qualified, well-equipped locksmiths to craft a new key in record time. The Key Guys also provide new keys at much lower rates than dealerships in the area. “You may at first think it is more expensive to get us to come to you, but it’s not,” says the company. “In fact you will save money twice by calling The Key Guys. First, you will not need to call a tow truck to pull your vehicle to the dealer or service station. Second, you will save money on the key itself. If you go to the dealer they may well call us to do your key and then charge you a markup.”

When a key is constantly being turned and pushed into and pulled out of keyholes—in other words, when a key is used the way it is supposed to be used—it can become twisted and warped over time. This can result in it breaking or simply twisting in such a way as to get stuck in the keyhole itself. In situations like these, it is usually recommended that a car owner contact a professional to help remove the key. While it may be possible to simply repair a broken key or straighten a bent one after removing it from the keyhole it is stuck in, The Key Guys recommends having a brand new one made. Creating new keys for clients on the spot is one of the company’s specialties, and they will have a new key made quickly enough to have a client back on the road within the hour.

A number of clients have left positive reviews on the company’s Facebook page. Edward Mann says, “Brian is highly qualified and does a great job making car keys; he truly is the best automotive locksmith in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their prices are fairly reasonable on key fobs and keys and they provide a very fast service. So, if you're looking for a good automotive locksmith, give Brian a call.”

When looking for a reliable locksmith service that is able to remove stuck keys and provide replacements for lost ones, look no further than The Key Guys in Minneapolis. The company will fix broken keys, remove stuck keys, and replace lost keys in the shortest amount of time imaginable—and at lower rates than any other key replacement service in the city. Contact The Key Guys today for all vehicle locksmith services.

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Contact The Key Guys:

Bryan Nystrom
215 Queen Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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