Entegra Are Happy To Announce Their New Original Series Range Of High Quality Durable Steel Hay Sheds

May 16, 2019
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Entegra has announced a new series range of high quality and durable steel hay sheds.The company states that they are pleased to have solved the hay shed problem with their new line of structural sheds.

Stacey Tunley, a representative for the company says, “We offer a low price for a structural shed. There is something called a purlin shed which is an inferior product, but we offer a solid shed that provides our customers with a top product in terms of durability and overall quality.”

Tunley states that the company’s new sheds feature a range of size options, including a 1000 bale, a 1700 bale and a 2500 bale capacity. The new sheds also feature pre-galvanized trusses, a zinc roof, and three walls. They offer the same structural steel quality as the company’s other sheds and the kits have the option of delivery and installation for customers who do not want to pick them up or install them on their own.

“Our customers can now make use of the 100 percent tax write off that is now being offered by the ATO, or the Australian Tax Office, before June 30,” says Tunley. The company adds that they will offer quick delivery of four weeks or their normal delivery of eight to twelve weeks, based on customer preference.

Entegra is an Australian steel company that boasts more than 35 years of experience in building quality and long lasting hay sheds. Those who are interested in learning more about the company can do so in their media room or on their official website.

Tunley states that the ATO tax write off can be very beneficial for those in Australia. For primary producers, a deduction on capital expenses that are incurred on fencing or fodder storage assets may be claimed. If the deduction is limited to capital expenses that are incurred for construction, manufacturing, installation, or the acquisition of a storage asset or fencing, then this tax write off can be beneficial. Expenses must have been incurred primarily for the use of a primary production business that is conducted on land that is located in Australia in order for the tax write off to be taken.

Those who are not primary producers are not eligible to claim the deduction. Deductions can be claimed when storage assets or fencing are needed and used to earn an income. More on this can be found on the Australian government’s tax write off website.

Tunley states that those who would like more information on the sheds supplied by Entegra Signature Structures can visit them on their official website. The company states that they have built their reputation on repeat business because they prioritize meeting the specific requirements of every single one of their clients.

Entegra is the resident expert in signature structures and state that they understand how to provide their clients with solutions that meet their specific needs. Tunley states that over the years, the company has learned that innovation is a growing trend and one that requires constant learning and growing. The new series expands on the current product offering of custom designed sheds built to the specification provided by customers. Customers are now able to choose standard sized structural sheds at more affordable price points in a more timely manner whilst still receiving the highest quality.

The company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and states that they can provide solutions for structures that will meet a number of needs. They specialize in a number of industries, including agricultural, horticultural, equine, dairy, and others.

Tunley adds that anyone in Australia who is interested in learning more about their new sheds can contact the company through their official website or visit them online to read through their offered information. Those in need of more information on these new affordable sheds that can store various levels of hay can visit the company online or contact them directly by phone or by email to speak with a company representative for more information.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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