Villa Montessori In Columbus Ohio Educates Students About Butterflies

May 13, 2019
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Villa Montessori Preschool in Columbus, Ohio, recently announced via their Facebook page that they are busily educating their students about the growth of butterflies. Through various different posts, the preschool has shown pictures of students learning about the life cycle of butterflies.

“We stared by talking about caterpillars,” says Tamye Crutchfield, the current school director for the preschool. “We began by discussing how they look and then moved on to how these caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies.”

Montessori School in Columbus Ohio

Crutchfield states that all of their students are currently learning about butterflies and creating their own life cycle charts as they learn. A complete list of the school’s current topics of education can be seen at

“Children love learning about butterflies,” says Crutchfield. “And we love teaching them all about these magnificent creatures. During our studies, we watch to see how caterpillars eat and how they move, as opposed to how butterflies eat and move. These are experiences that children will remember fondly forever.”

Crutchfield states that the school regularly chooses topics to teach children that help them to have positive life experiences that they will take with them when they enter into school. The preschool excels at Montessori and Reggio inspired education and has taught a number of children over the years.

Crutchfield states that they recently announced an open house, where parents in the community could visit the preschool to learn more about their curriculum and how beneficial it is to young students. The event allowed for parents to tour the school and speak with teachers to learn more about their curriculum. Crutchfield adds that teaching children about butterflies is just one way that they put the Montessori methods of learning to use.

She states that the school is unlike traditional preschools or daycares, in that it is designed for those who want to be inspired by unexpected things. Crutchfield states that learning about butterflies is just one way that the preschool works to keep the imaginations of their students alive and thriving. For those who are interested, more on the school and their learning methods can be seen at

Studies show that children entering kindergarten who have been taught using the Montessori method have a much higher chance at success throughout elementary school. Crutchfield states that they have seen these learning methods pay off firsthand through their many students who have gone on to public or private schools and excelled at all of their studies.

The school states that they regularly host events, such as their recent open house, in an effort to reach parents with their teaching methods. Crutchfield states that anyone who would like to see more of their photos from their butterfly lesson can visit the preschool on their official Facebook page. She states that they regularly update their social media pages to keep parents informed of the fun and motivational activities that they have planned for their students and to show others a bit of what makes them unique from other preschool programs.

The school recently added new classrooms to their preschool in an effort to enroll more children. Crutchfield states that the new classrooms have been very beneficial, and adds that all of their events have benefited the school as well as parents and children in some way. She states that anyone who has questions about their methods of teaching simply have to Google these methods to see tons of information on how beneficial they are for preschool aged children.

Crutchfield adds that the children thoroughly enjoyed their butterfly lessons and she states that they look forward to engaging in similar activities throughout the remainder of the year. Parents in the area or anyone who has questions about the school or their current events can visit them online at to read through a list of reviews that have been left by satisfied parents. The school’s website also offers more information on their education practices, as well as enrollment information.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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