Mike Marko Publishes a New Post on Strategizing What to Post on Twitter Business

May 17, 2019
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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced the publication of a new article about what to post on Twitter business. He mentions that the article centers on some ideas on promoting business on Twitter. He adds that the post can greatly help business owners in building a Twitter profile that will rouse clients’ interest. He will teach business owners how to strategize for the proper posting on Twitter.

Marko says he knows that even the most experienced social media experts are stuck on what to post on Twitter. He mentions that when business owners use Twitter for their businesses, it should be non-stop to catch up with the media hype these days. He further says that even being silent for just one day can affect their businesses.

Marko states that there are 330 million Twitter users that were recorded in 2017. That means there are also 330 million potential clients and even just 3% of that people can make a vast difference to a business. In his blog post, he therefore proposes a Twitter business strategy that can help business owners make their mark on the platform.

Marko suggests to re-strategize marketing. He discusses the techniques on how to look at different Twitter promotions in this article. He even suggests brainstorming with a group of people who can give fresh ideas about Twitter promotions. That said, before they can carry on into those matters, Marko notes that they need to build a Twitter profile first. In other words, business owners should know how to set up a business Twitter first.

Marko advises creating a profile theme that’s congruent with the brand and with a professional look. He says that it’s good to have a profile theme that’s pleasing to the eye.

It’s crucial that business owners write a compelling bio as well. This is how their customers will know who the business owners are. Aside from the product details, business marketers should be clear about what other purposes they serve.

Marko also suggests to include links to other social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. This will tell followers the other avenues through which a business may be contacted.

He also advises to use inviting images in every tweet. Furthermore, he suggests using interesting visual media in tweets such as GIFs or memes.

Another thing that Marko talks about regarding promoting business on Twitter is replying and quote-tweeting. That is because it’s important for marketers to stay close with followers to build a stronger connection. Here, tweets should be concise because of a limited character count, but replies still need to be friendly. Marko advises not to ignore replies. Instead, marketers should send a customer a direct message.

Marko proposes the use of promotions and discounts as well. Business marketers should make sure to let followers know about promos and discounts. He suggests creating promos that are exclusive to Twitter. With this, customers’ attention will be driven to companies that create exclusive promos.

“Another way to get attention is by posting surveys or polls,” Marko says. He advises marketers to present a problem that can lead to a conversation. People enjoy debates about widespread issues. So, Marko advises business owners to share opinions that are related to their businesses.

Marko also advises business owners to hold a competition with prizes. They can have contests that will earn new followers and sales. This will also generate leads, according to Marko. He states that what business owners need here are unique mechanics and instructions that are easy-to-follow. Moreover, the whole course of competition should be monitored up to the end.

Another strategy that Marko talks about is visiting other business profiles. It gives business owners an opportunity to learn from other companies in the same areas of business. When business owners do that, building a good business relationship with customers is easier to achieve. Furthermore, marketers can earn more likes and increase engagement by retweeting other posts.

Marko also suggests using hashtags in tweets. Business owners should create a special hashtag that can represent the company and certain promos that it has. He advises making followers use the official hashtag for them to stay informed. It’s important to create a compelling title for a hashtag. Business owners need to have it concise and catchy.

Marko owns and runs IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati. This company provides services to online businesses. All the services that they offer like web design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization are designed to assist businesses to grow.

Marko says that his team is always available for a consultation to businesses. Moreover, they are ready to help marketers better understand how their businesses experience growth. He says that those who are interested to learn more can contact Marko and his team at IMCS through their official website.

Marko says that business owners can take a look at their “Results in Advance” program. He mentions that they start with a 30-60 minute free consultation where they create some strategies that will help them grow their businesses. To inquire about it and avail of this offer or other Marko’s services, business marketers can go to his website and communicate with him there.

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