Mike Marko Publishes Post about Best Platforms for Social Media Marketing Campaign

May 16, 2019
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Mike Marko, owner of IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced a new post about social media marketing campaigns. He says that his article centers on the best platforms for a social media marketing campaign. He mentions that a lot of people seem to have issues in their social media marketing campaign without knowing that the problems may be due to their choice of social media platform.

Marko says that in his blog post, he’s going to help business owners and marketers pick the right social media platform for their businesses. He adds that he’ll go over the benefits of every social media site so they can choose the best one for their marketing campaign. In this way, he says, business owners will know where to focus on social media marketing campaigns.

Marko mentions that there were 3.2 billion social media users as of 2018. He writes that this figure was 13% higher than the previous year. With this continuing growth, it’s just a matter of time before the Internet becomes full of social media accounts. That’s the reason marketers need to have a functional marketing campaign on social media. It puts the brand in the same networks a number of prospective customers frequent.

To help business owners decide which social media site to concentrate on, Marko enumerates the best ones on his post. He also notes each one’s benefits and functions. The first one that he wants business owners to focus on is Twitter. He says that Twitter may be the one with the easiest way to find and distribute information. He also notes that activities on this platform are constant and speedy.

Marko mentions some of Twitter’s advantages in his blog post. For example, he notes that it’s good for businesses since it offers quick customer replies. Businesses can also update services often with Twitter. He adds that 85 percent of small and medium businesses do customer service when using Twitter for business. Marko mentions that Twitter only allows 280 characters for a post. “But having that character limit may even be beneficial for good customer service,” he adds.

“With Twitter’s character limit, marketers don’t have to spend lots of time thinking about the message they’ll say,” Marko asserts. That also encourages customer service agents to respond very quickly. The customer can respond quickly in turn as well. Marko points out that this quick interaction demonstrates to customers that they are valued. Thus, other consumers can be encouraged to respond and will most likely turn into clients as well.

Another advantage that Marko talks about is Twitter Ads. Twitter Ads are not yet popular as Facebook advertising, but can be very effective. Marko notes that there’s even an option so that a Twitter ad only charges for each confirmed engagement. That’s beneficial to those who are on a tight budget for a marketing campaign. Moreover, the Tweet Engager feature of Twitter gives businesses a way to show ads to users who have already previously engaged an ad.

The second social media platform for social media marketing that Marko suggests is Facebook. He says that this is the favorite platform for most users of social media. Facebook has 1.4 billion active users in a day. It’s also the biggest social media platform so a Facebook marketing strategy can be worth developing for most businesses.

Marko suggests using it for business pages that will give a boost to SEO. He says that business pages provide customers an easier way to get updates from companies. When a page is followed by customers, they will be notified directly about brand updates. Moreover, Facebook is also the best place to interact with customers. There are other Facebook features that can help such as Facebook groups and Facebook Ads.

The next social media platform that Marko describes is Instagram. He says that Instagram is the one that has the best figures when it comes to interaction. The Instagram interface is much cleaner than others too. That’s the reason it has the capacity to draw audience attention to marketing content. Instagram also has tools that are considered unique compared to other platforms. They are Instagram Stories and Instagram Advertising.

The last but not the least social media platform that Marko talks about is LinkedIn. The noteworthy features of this platform include LinkedIn targeting options and LinkedIn Personalized Advertising.

Marko encourages marketers and business owners to visit his website for more tips on social media marketing, among others. He has other articles that might be what business owners are looking for to improve their businesses. His website contains his contact information, so whoever is interested can reach him for any questions.

Marko calls on business marketers to join social media marketing and also learn the tips he provides on doing business effectively on any of the social media platforms. He mentions that he has a lot of posts that benefit both existing and new members on the platform. He mentions that he is always ready to offer free consultations and help business owners looking for help on any business-related needs. Marko also reminds his readers that he can be reached through his contact details found on his website.

Those who need to learn more about using social media for business or digital marketing can follow Marko to his website. Marko and IM Consultant Services are willing to provide consultations to business owners who are in need of assistance.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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