Senior Care Center Shares Tips To Take Care Of Elderly

May 08, 2019
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The US Based Senior Care Center recently published an article titled ‘Top 20 Apps, Programs, and Devices for Seniors and Their Adult Families,’ with the purpose of helping families take care of their loved ones, even when physically far away from them.

In the article, the company presents a comprehensive list of tools which they believe are the Best Apps for Seniors to use in their day to day lives. Senior Care Center includes a breakdown of software applications and devices that can facilitate different aspects of a senior’s routine. The organization conveniently offers tips on how to get the best out of the tools given as well.

A representative of Senior Care Center commented on their objectives behind putting the list together, saying, "Seniors and their families are often overwhelmed with responsibilities. We understand that, unfortunately, the senior's caregiver will not always be present to make sure that they are taking their medicine at the right time, or in the corresponding dosage. For this, we have set out with the mission of presenting seniors, and their families, with the best gadgets, devices, and apps that can help them navigate life as a senior, or a caregiver to one. We want to ease their concerns by presenting them with a solution for the most common worries and issues that a caregiver faces when looking after a senior."

The center suggests a complete list of articles for different aspects of everyday life, varying from applications to remind seniors to take their medication, to a device to meant to help improve a senior's relationship with their relatives by providing an easy way to stay connected. More information can be found by visiting the organization’s Press Advantage page.

TabSafe is an excellent example of a device that can prove invaluable to a senior. Being one of the best automatic pill dispensers available, TabSafe comes with additional resources to promote senior health and wellness. The device also warns caregivers before their loved one misses a given dose time, and the medications are kept inside locked compartments for extra security. TabSafe is also connected to an online application that lays out the senior's overall adherence to their medication schedule. This is a solid choice if the senior's medications are absolute must-haves, to ease their relatives' concerns about security and safety.

Another device, ranked as one of the best remote medical alert monitoring systems for family caregivers, is the BeClose Senior Safety System. This is a security device that can connect a relative to their senior relative's health and wellness even from a distance. The device includes an emergency pendant for the senior to wear, as well as a bed monitor to keep track of their sleeping routines and location. This device also connects to a family portal, where both the relative and senior can find helpful resources on navigating the process, along with some helpful tips to avoid common errors that may be prejudicial to a senior's health. This device is unique in the fact that it promotes independent living for seniors and helps alleviate caregiver and family stress alike.

A crucial aspect of a senior's everyday life that is often overlooked is their entertainment and mental flexibility. Brain HQ is a program that addresses the crucial aspect of preventing dementia, and works to reduce the effects of current dementia symptoms. This can help seniors keep their thinking fresh and their memory sharp. The exercises target visual and auditory processing, memory function, complex thinking, and attention levels. The program can even be used by multiple people to promote socializing among seniors.

The article published by Senior Care Center is only one part of their constant campaign to raise awareness and develop ways to help seniors and their relatives. In a recent article titled ‘Senior Care Is In Demand: Why People Need To Prepare For Their Golden Years,’ published on Digital Journal, the media network talks about one of the company's latest efforts to help family members find assisted living for their aging loved one.

Those who need more information on senior care or assisted living facilities may visit the Senior Care Center website, or contact Casey Ryeback, who will provide further assistance.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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