Free Range Camping Magazine Reviews Topargee Water Tank Gauge

May 08, 2019
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Free Range Camping, an online camping, caravanning and RV community based in Eumundi, Queensland, Australia, has featured a review of the Topargee, which is an accurate water gauge that can be very useful for many campers, who want to be sure they have enough water in their tanks. Two important advantages of the Topargee are that there is nothing to be drilled into or fitted into the water tank and it is able to measure the water flow accurately and can tell how much water is left in the tank.

Rob Catania, spokesperson for Free Range Camping, says, “Many campers are aware of how precious water is when out camping, especially when free camping or in some of the more remote areas of Australia. Thus, knowing how much water you have on board can be critical, and it also allows you to plan your trip better and know how long you can stay in one location. Having an accurate water gauge can greatly assist with this. The Topargee water gauge prevents you from getting into a situation, where you don't have enough water for your needs.”

The Topargee water tank gauge is positioned after the water pump and measures the flow of water. The camper only needs to enter the total capacity of the tank and the device will do the calculations, subtracting the amount of water that has flowed out of the tank to indicate the amount of water that is left in litres. And because there is no drilling or attachment to the water tank that is required, the unit can easily be retrofitted to just about any kind of set up.

There are two available models. These are the Surface Mount and Flush Mount models. The Surface Mount model has its own internal AA batteries so that wiring it will be quite easy. The Flush Mount model has to be connected to an existing 12 volt system. It is provided with a back light that lights up when the unit is activated. Each unit is provided a reach of 1.4 metres but there is also a 1.4-metre extension lead if needed. These extensions can even be joined together if required.

According to the review, installation was relatively easy as it was just a matter of running the cables and then clicking them in place. There were some screw-on fittings to the sender unit, and then the pipes simply pushed into the current John Guest fittings that are usually found on most motorhomes and caravans.

Furthermore, the review says that the most important advantage of the device is being able to estimate how much water is used when showering, washing the dishes, or using the washing machine. This allows campers to really manage their usage and not simply wait for the red warning light to light up because campers are aware of how much water is left to the litre.

The review lists the various advantages of the water gauge. These include the accurate water measurement, the fact that it displays the exact amount in litres of the water that is left in the tank, the count down per litre from the pre-set amount, being able to work out much water is used for each activity, knowing the average daily water consumption, the fact that it is ideal for bush or free camping, the fact that nothing is fitted to the water tank, and the fact that it can be used with a current system still in place.

The said water gauge is now available in the Free Range Camping store, along with other products that can be helpful for free campers. Free Range Camping is one of the most comprehensive and largest camping or caravanning and RVing related online directories. It has thousands of listings online so that campers are bound to find a special place that they have not discovered yet.

Those who need more information about the water tank gauge or the various features of the Free Range Camping magazine can visit the website or contact them by phone or by email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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