The Flood Co. Helps Homeowners With Water Damage Cleanup In Salt Lake City

May 06, 2019
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The Flood Co., a water damage restoration company servicing Northern Utah and Southwest Wyoming, is pleased to report that they have succeeded in helping to clear thousands of homes of standing water, mold, damaged flooring, walls, and other structural materials. The company works with homeowners who are experiencing both extreme and minor water damage. With 24/7 servicing, The Flood Co. works around the clock to help save homes in several counties in Utah and Wyoming.

Modern houses afford humans a great quality of life, but things can quickly go wrong within the inner workings of the structure. Pipes, toilets, kitchen appliances, and hoses all have the potential to release large amounts of water into the home. While it is important to have a plumber come fix the problem, the area should also be checked out by a water damage expert.

The Flood Co. responds quickly to potential customers and will send an inspector out to assess the damage. What can look like a small problem to the untrained eye can actually result in major structural damage to the walls and floors, since these types of small leaks often go unnoticed or ignored by homeowners because they are much less obvious. Even if there is no standing water visibly present, wood and other organic building materials can grow mold at only a 17% moisture content.

Due to this, the company warns their customers to stay diligent and fully inspect any abnormal wet or damp areas. When caught quickly, the damage is easy to clean and can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars. “I had a leak from my dishwasher and the plumber I hired mentioned that there was some warping in my wood floors from the water,” says The Flood Co. customer, Kelly S. “I called The Flood Co. for an inspection and they came the next day. I was lucky and had no signs of mold but they said that the area was at high risk. The workers were extremely polite and quickly removed any damaged areas. I’m so thankful for their quick response time!”

Along with removing and restoring damaged floors, walls, and other structural materials, The Flood Co. has an expertly trained team equipped to handle mold removal. Mold can thrive in any damp environment, and even the smallest leak can give rise to a mold colony. If mold is present in a home, it is extremely important that the owners have a professional perform an inspection and schedule a removal as quickly as possible. Most types of mold pose a health risk to humans and pets, including fungal infections and dangerous toxin exposure.

Although it may seem cheaper, homeowners should never try to remove mold by themselves. The fungus is extremely hard to get rid of and requires a special removal process so the spores don’t become airborne. Fortunately, The Flood Co. has access to air scrubbers as well as special vacuums and bags that allow them to safely rid a house of any mold. Any item that contains mold will be disposed of and any fixed surface will be vacuumed, sanded, and vacuumed again. While a mold removal project is a lengthy and detailed process, The Flood Co. is well versed in how to get rid of any fungus quickly and safely.

In order to educate their clients on the havoc that water can wreak on a home, The Flood Co. maintains a very active blog on their main website. Each post is written about a specific clean-up project the company completed, and contains the cause, damage, and actions required to restore the area. Pictures of the damage and necessary restoration accompany each post and serve as a warning to those who think a small water problem can’t turn into a huge burden for the homeowner if left unattended to. Potential clients of The Flood Co. can use their blog as a reference to see what kind of work the company does and how quickly some damages can be resolved by their team.

For Utah residents who are looking to hire a contractor for water damage cleanup Salt Lake City, The Flood Co. is a great place to start. By visiting the company’s main website, anyone can submit a contact form with their information, what services they’re looking to receive, and the extent of their damage. Clients experiencing major water damage can also enjoy the benefits of hiring a company that offers 24/7 emergency services.

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The Flood Co. has been providing Northern Utah with disaster repair services for over 20 years.

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