Migraine Specialists Announce Updated Website

April 25, 2019
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The International Association of Headache Specialists has announced a newly updated website. The organization provides information and services for those who suffer from frequent headaches. Their newly updated website is now easier for patients to access to gain information and resources about their headaches and those who can help with treatment.

Jack Lombardi, a spokesperson for the organization says, “The IAOHS is a great resource for those who are seeking treatment for frequent headaches. The website offers information about the best medical clinics that specialize in treating headaches around the world.”

Lombardi says that the website helps headache sufferers to find doctors and medical clinics near them that offer specialization in the type of headache treatment that they need, without doing the research themselves. The website researches doctors and clinics and provides this information for consumers so that they can locate a nearby practitioner instead of having to look around for themselves.

“Headaches are something that should be taken seriously,” says a representative for the organization. “Those who suffer from migraines or other frequent headaches need to know that there is help out there and they need to be able to find that help. We wanted to bring all of this information together in one place to make it easier for those with headaches to learn more and to contact a clinic in their area.”

The organization also has an official Facebook page where those who are interested can learn more about them and about the types of resources that they have available. The organization’s representative states that engaging with others who share the same pain can be very beneficial for those who suffer from migraines. Studies show that keeping company with someone who shares one’s pain and suffering can help them to better handle their issues. Those who are interested in connecting with others who suffer from migraine headaches can join the company on Facebook to be part of their community and share thoughts and experiences with other migraine sufferers.

The organization states that their website offers information about doctors that treat these severe headaches, as well as various treatment options that are currently available. Those who are not familiar with the newest advances in migraine treatment can visit the website to learn more about traditional and new therapies that are currently available.

The Center for Disease Control in the United States claims that there are currently around five million people in the U.S. alone that experience at least one migraine headache on a monthly basis. Over 11 million people blame their migraines for causing them to experience moderate to severe disabilities, which leads them to not be able to work, spend quality time with family or do the normal activities that many Americans take for granted.

Migraines are most commonly experienced in women as opposed to men. 18 percent of all women in the United States currently suffer from regular migraines, as opposed to six percent of men, and these headaches typically target those who are between 35 and 55 years of age, although they have been known to be evident in those much younger. Some may begin to experience migraines as early as their teenage years.

The website offers more information about the occurrence of migraines from a statistical standpoint, as well as information about a new headache treatment device which can help to lessen the regularity and the severity for those who suffer from these headaches. The organization’s spokesperson urges those who regularly experience migraines to visit them online to find a doctor that specializes in these types of headaches. Often, testing will need to be done to determine that migraines are present. For those who have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, the organization offers more information about current treatment methods and doctors all over the United States who may be able to provide relief. More on the organization and the services that they provide can be viewed by visiting them on their newly updated website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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