California Rehab Offering New Skills Training To Help Recovering Addicts Find Employment

April 22, 2019
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Anaheim, California - Finding a new job after leaving rehab is one of the major challenges faced by recovering addicts. In addition to the stigma associated with people with a history of substance abuse, there are also several barriers to employment such as low levels of education, technical skills, and interpersonal skills that contribute to these unemployment struggles.

In an effort to address the unique challenges faced by recovering addicts, Lighthouse Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Anaheim, California partnered with non-profit organization Chrysalis to launch a skills training program for its residents.

Tamara Jimenez, Community Relations Manager of the Lighthouse, said that the collaboration with Chrysalis aims to help transition clients to the path of recovery through employment.

“The objective of this joint-venture with Chrysalis is to provide the resources and support needed by recovering addicts to find and retain employment. The approach will focus on building, highlighting, and fortifying the individuals’ skill sets and marketability in an ever-changing job market.”

According to Jimenez, this partnership was prompted by the center’s continuous efforts to better the lives of residents as they transition back to the community.

“We at the Lighthouse recognize the value of finding employment in long-term sobriety because when recovering addicts become self-supporting through their own contributions to society, they gain self-esteem and the probability of relapse drops,” said Jimenez.

The employment program created by Chrysalis, a company that has helped more than 62,000 people through these programs and services since 1984, will include job-readiness classes, skills training, and practice interviews to prepare attendees for a successful job search. The program also draws upon each person’s individual strengths and teaches them concrete skills while also building hope, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

Lisa Dulyea, Director of Development at Chrysalis Orange County, said that the program is designed to benefit everyone looking to improve their employability. Dulyea said that the only requirement to enter the program is the ability and willingness to work.

“At Chrysalis, we empower our clients to overcome their barriers to employment so that they can transition to become productive members of society. We are thrilled to be working with community partners like the Lighthouse to change the lives of the community’s most vulnerable residents,” Dulyea added.

About Lighthouse Treatment Center
The Lighthouse, a residential treatment center offering drug and alcohol recovery services in the city of Anaheim, CA, has helped thousands of men and women achieve sobriety and an improved quality of life. As an industry leader, the Lighthouse is always looking for ways to better serve their clients and the surrounding communities.

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