Specialist Chiropractor Now Treats Athletes For Various Ailments In Los Angeles

April 19, 2019
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Los Angeles, CA based Active Body Chiro-Care is pleased to announce that they are bringing their unique chiropractic services to help athletes in the area. As athletes are no strangers to rough physical exertion, they often end up with injuries that require visiting a specialized chiropractor for professional athletes in Los Angeles.

Given the amount of injuries that an athlete sustains in their career, they often get used to the constant back pain and soreness that comes as a result of not having their injuries properly treated by a professional. While these injuries may not be critical at first, they could easily escalate into more serious problems as time goes on. In addition to taking longer than necessary to heal, the athlete may experience lingering soreness, stiffness, and even run the risk of sustaining a re-injury, or aggravation of old injuries. This may pose a grave threat to an athlete’s career if not treated properly.

To ensure the longevity of their professional career, it’s in an athlete’s best interests to keep their injuries in check, even if it’s something as small as a back pain. To this end, companies like Active Body Chiro-Care are able to help, offering a specialized service that puts athletes in the care of Los Angeles chiropractors for back pain, as well as many other services geared towards addressing an athlete’s injuries.

“Sports injuries can sideline you from competing in the sport you love, or leave you with lingering pain for months. It may even feel like you never really heal from the injuries that you sustained,” notes Active Body Chiro-Care. They add that their chiropractors can help physically active members of the community heal completely from their injuries to go on living a full and active life.

Alongside their treatments for sports injuries, the clinic provides car accident chiropractic service, herniated disc treatment, and many more, ensuring that their clients will be provided with the best service possible to fit their individual needs.

“I have been in two car accidents and my spine often gets locked. However, the personnel at Active Body Chiro-Care can always fix it since they have excellent knowledge of the body and provide a top tier service,” said Stephanie S., a satisfied client. She added that, “They are also nice, and sensitive to any trauma or pain, and will make sure to work with you according to your needs.”

Active Body Chiro-Care offers a high quality treatment, according to many satisfied customers who took the time to post multiple reviews complimenting the clinic’s gentleness, knowledge, and capabilities. Among the many success stories of Active Body Chiro-Care’s chiropractic services for athletes featured on their website is the story of Lauren Kern, a certified personal trainer. After shattering her pelvis, undergoing surgery, and enduring a year of therapy, she had lost all hope of finding a doctor that could fully understand the extent of her injuries, until she found Active Body Chiro-Care.

“After working with Dr. Hogan for four years, I’m stronger than I have ever been in my life. I am no longer in the rehabilitation process; I am building my career as a National Figure Competitor,” states Kern. “With the help of Dr. Hogan, I have been able to conquer the impossible. Five years ago, my surgeon told me I may never be able to walk again but, today, I am here, standing against all odds—all due to Active Body Chiro-Care’s guidance and support.”

Active Body Chiro-Care’s website offers a diverse selection of resources, varying from the different services that they offer to accounts of their success stories, and even what a client should expect out of their first visit to Active Body Chiro-Care. Conveniently, the site also includes a digital new-patient form, to be filled prior to a patient’s first visit at Active Body Chiro Care. The gives them all the information and tools necessary to facilitate their visit with ease.

Those looking for a chiropractic service carried out by professionals specializing in athletic injuries in the Los Angeles area may request an appointment through the company’s website. Interested parties may also connect with Active Body Chiro-Care through their social media platforms.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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